View Full Version : Upgrade suggestions?

06-06-09, 10:00 PM
So currently I have:

MB:Gigabyte P35-DS3R
CPU: Core 2 Duo E6750 running @ 2.666ghz (stock)
Memory: dual 2gb sticks of PC2-6400 OCZ memory
Video: eVGA 9800GT
OS: XP Pro

I mainly use the system to play WoW at 1900x1200 with all spell effects maxed out. Even with 0 AA I get lagged out if enough is going on on my screen. FPS drops below 20 often in big fights.

I'm looking to spend $800 (or less hopefully) to upgrade my system. Would another 9800GT in SLI make a significant difference? That would leave more room for upgrading the cpu. Would a Quad core cpu matter at all? Do they overclock better? I didn't have too much luck with this current cpu without bumping voltage.

06-07-09, 02:31 AM
If I were you I'd overclock the CPU first.

I have the same motherboard and the same CPU and with a high end cooler I've had it running at 3.6Ghz for over a year and a half with no stability problems at all.

I doubt WoW is stressing out your video card. Its most likely large numbers of characters and effects on screen bogging down your CPU.

The best way to check would be to temporarily drop your resolution (don't change any other settings) to see if there is any effect on performance when its running slow. If there isn't any change then you are seeing a CPU bottleneck, in which case a good overclock would help a ton.

If you don't overclock I don't think you could do anything for $800 that would significantly improve the strength of your system's CPU unless WoW is heavily multithreaded and can make use of Quad Core CPUs.

A video card upgrade can never hurt though... so a GTX 260 or GTX 275 are also good options, though they won't help much if you are CPU limited.