View Full Version : Just Cause 2

06-09-09, 12:32 AM

Wow, just wow! That looks like so much fun!

06-09-09, 12:48 AM
The first was great fun. Can't wait for this one.

06-09-09, 01:50 AM
the good folks over at giantbomb seem fairly excited about it.
Usually listen to their bombcast, good stuff.

06-09-09, 01:53 AM
just watched a video and it looks ridiculously fun. Good graphics and smooth gameplay.

Mr. Hunt
06-09-09, 02:35 AM
Looks really fun. Only played a demo of the first... seemed fun but just never got the full game for some reason.

06-09-09, 06:05 AM

The Spaminators are copying us now? Must be a T-800 Prototype...

06-09-09, 06:13 AM
or a cheap imitation T-1000 which can copy

06-09-09, 06:49 AM
that video looks dumb

unlimited chutes from nowhere to0

06-09-09, 07:21 AM
Ai looks to be totally retarded also... they just stand in the open firing at you...

06-09-09, 09:50 AM
The first one was great fun, this looks to be the same, cant wait!!

06-10-09, 01:51 AM
The game looks good. What's with all of the parachutes the character was pulling out of his ass.

Mr. Hunt
06-10-09, 02:10 AM
The game looks good. What's with all of the parachutes the character was pulling out of his ass.

Shhh. Don't complain about that. Infinite parachutes ftw. I don't really understand why you people are complaining about the parachutes coming out of nowhere when the game clearly isn't based on reality.

06-10-09, 02:21 AM
meh .. infinite paralose fortehchute! :thumbdwn:

06-10-09, 06:02 AM
Yeah, lets complain about infinite parachutes, but we'll accept interstellar business men, suits with nano technology and icy aliens and goo covered preteens with telekentic powers!

06-10-09, 06:03 AM
"goo covered preteens with telekentic powers"


06-10-09, 06:12 AM
I was thinking FEAR, but I like the way to think also.