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06-15-03, 02:30 PM
i currently have 512mb of corsair 400mhz cas 2 ram... i was thinking about throwing in another 256mb stick... i have been searching on the net for comparisions between the two, and i really cannot find anything useful. i see people saying its great, and others saying its a waste.

in a couple of games i see the hard drive light flash occassionally... i thought it might be grapping data off the hd... not really sure though.

my system is normally used for gaming.. and web surfing. the memory is getting really cheap so i thought maybe now would be a good time to throw another in.

anyone else had any experience upgrading ram?

The Baron
06-15-03, 02:49 PM
If you do any Photoshop or anything with serious audio or video, it is absolutely worth getting another 256 meg stick.

Hell, I'd say buy another 512 meg stick...

06-15-03, 03:39 PM
As per Baron, I only notice it using large wave files in Acid Pro music. But, you can get another stick of 512, and create a RAM DRIVE or RAM DISK. I've been using one for over 3 years and wouldn't like to be without it. It prevents drive clutter and is better for privacy (no hidden surfing records-Win keeps track of EVERYTHING you see on the net). As you surf, your hd is not being constantly accessed (temp internet files), saves wear and tear.

Using RAM Drives
"The advantage of a RAM Drive is that it's as fast as your memory."

Clear your Temporary Internet and Cookie directories with the flick of a switch
"Ram Disks are exactly as the name suggests. Using Ram Disk software you are able to assign part of your physical memory to act as a "drive" on your computer. You can then use this drive as any other drive on your system but the difference is the data is cleared no matter what upon a reboot (since all data on the RAM chip is lost). "


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Antec550 True PowerPSU Win98se
1 gig PC3200(Samsung) (512meg ram drive)
LiteOn 48x24x48
(1) WD 36gig Raptor SATA
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The Baron
06-15-03, 04:35 PM
RAM disks are kinda scary though because of the possibilitiy of power outages and the like.

06-15-03, 05:08 PM
I've used a ram drive for a very long time with no problems. I've been using it with Win98, used it with Win2000. WinXp, I used one day and removed it (Xp calls home to momma WAY TOO much). The wear and tear it saves on your hd is a good enough reason to use one, let alone the privacy. I've got a 10,000 rpm WD Raptor that does not need to keep spinning while I'm surfing, to keep a (hidden) record of a file or jpeg that I looked at 6-7-8-~ months ago. My hd space does not shrink over time, due to the enormus amount of info the Temp Internet Files stores. The very first time I found out about the hidden files 3.5 yrs ago, and found out how to clean them out, I regained 6 gigs of hd drive space. It also keeps down the fragmentation. All it does is store temp files, it doesn't cause you to loose any programs if you loose power. It even makes my work with Acid Pro music much faster because it works at memory speed, not hard drive speed, which is much slower.

Try it, you'll like it.

06-16-03, 03:49 AM
Ram drive brings back memories of the good old amiga era :)
I still dont know why windows dont have that feature cos it was really great.

You see it was a bit different on amiga, You automaticly had a ram disk with the size of your free "Fast mem" If a program used some of the Fast mem then the ram disk would be smaller, on the fly. So it didnt reserve a peice of your memory as the Ram disk apps in Windows do.

All your free avalible mem could be used as ram disk at all times ... it was truly great.

In windows its quite nice to have a small ram disk and then use it to store Temporary internet files and chache while you surf.
Not that "important" now days when Hdds and computers are fast.

Alot better to use this solution before when hdds were slow and noisy.

As for adding more mem to your computer... There is no such thing as too little ram ;) Ofcours that depends on what you use your computer for.
I do a bit of everything with my computer. Music, Gfx and gaming mostly. I have 512mb ram and that works just fine but more would be better, no doubt.
So if you feel that you have the money to spare and you do work with sound and images alot then it will be usefull.
You should know that you wont notice that much of a difference compared to going from 256mb (or less) to 512mb ... but still ...

06-17-03, 05:24 PM
512 mb is good enough... spend that money on sometin else.

Rampant CL
06-18-03, 01:50 AM
Depending on how agressive your system usage is you would benefit from more ram up to a gig,

Nuff said.

06-18-03, 07:29 AM
I personally went from 512 to 768 megs because I was buying something from Newegg at the time, and they just happen to be selling Crucial 256meg DDR2100 for 30 bucks! I just couldn't say no so I threw it in the order.

I set UT and UT2k3 to 256meg game cache settings! UT didn't really seem to benefit, but UT2k3 definetly did because it would load maps a little faster, and it helped eliminate the studdering I had once in a while.

I use Photoshop and audio editing software very often, however I only saw a little bit of a speed boost. I think a CPU upgrade would benefit those programs more, but then again it's not like those programs were ever slow before so no worries there.

VirtualPC 5.0 loved the upgrade! I was able to set my virtual machines to huge 256megs each and they're working great.

If you can get an extra 256megs REAL cheap like I did with a quality manufacturer, go for it.

06-20-03, 07:10 AM
The extra ram will help if you like running alot of progams in the background (like win xp likes too). Extra ram never hurts!:)

06-20-03, 07:55 AM
512 is serving me well *pets my Corsair 3500*:D

06-20-03, 02:14 PM
Originally posted by vampireuk
512 is serving me well *pets my Corsair 3500*:D

I agree these are the two best stick of RAM I have ever owned.

Sometimes I take them out lay them on my desk and just look at them. *sighs* Then other times I talk to them, giving them words of encouragement. :) "your good enough, your fast enough and doggonet every body likes you!" :)

The Baron
06-20-03, 02:43 PM

06-20-03, 09:58 PM
ok... i decided to go for it, but now i have a new problem... lol my memory now wont run in cas2:( i get loop errors in ut2003, and raven shield... bumping it back up to 2.5 works... is their a reason why its doing this???

06-21-03, 01:02 PM
is that 256 stick the same exact memory brand, model, speed, etc?

06-21-03, 01:45 PM
yes... its corsair 400mhz xms memory cas2... i dunno whats wrong, i think it may be my motherboard...

06-21-03, 06:38 PM
Originally posted by jAkUp
yes... its corsair 400mhz xms memory cas2... i dunno whats wrong, i think it may be my motherboard...

Now way it should be fine. Are you running at 400mhz?

06-21-03, 09:15 PM
yes... used to be able to run the memory at 200mhz, cas 2, with a voltage of 2.8... it would only run stable at that voltage... now it doesnt run stable unless i underclock the memory to 178mhz:( i found out i can leave cas2, and ultra timings on as long as the memory is set to 178mhz...

i dunno what is wrong...:confused: