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06-10-09, 05:13 PM
Hi, I have Ubuntu 8.10, 2 gigs ram, 3.4Ghz p4, and a 7600gs pci express and when I play videos whenever there is alot of motion, in that motion lines will appear like it cant refresh the video quick enough or something. horizontal lines. I figured out it must be the driver, I am using the nvidia latest 180 version and I have tested 177 and 173 versions to see if it changed anything and it didnt, I have changed my resolution, refresh rate even where i am on an lcd at 60 hz, I got it to go to 75hz and no change. The way I figured it was the driver is that for one, I had a cheaper card previously a fx5200 pci card and it didnt do it on it. I loaded windows xp on a seperate partition to test on, and loaded the latest nvidia driver from nvidia and it worked beautifully, no issues on windows. I like ubuntu better than windows and do NOT want to switch just to watch my movies or videos. Please HELP!!! Thank you!

06-11-09, 07:59 AM
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