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06-12-09, 10:43 PM
3D Realms Release – Pertaining to Recent Events Surrounding Duke Nukem Forever

Dallas, TX (May 18, 2009) – In light of recent press articles and statements by Take-Two (to the media and in a lawsuit), we want to set the record straight on some issues.

Despite rumors and statements to the contrary, 3D Realms (3DR) has not closed and is not closing. 3DR retains ownership of the Duke Nukem franchise. Due to lack of funding, however, we are saddened to confirm that we let the Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) development team go on May 6th, while we regroup as a company. While 3DR is a much smaller studio now, we will continue to operate as a company and continue to license and co-create games based upon the Duke Nukem franchise.

http://www.google.com/search?q=3D+Realms+Not+Shut+Down+After+All%2C+Issu es+Lawsuit+Response&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

06-12-09, 10:46 PM
I think this may have already been posted. ::bleh::

06-12-09, 10:52 PM
Old news (see date).

06-12-09, 11:08 PM
I couldn't find it in the old thread. Anyways, sorry... :(

06-13-09, 04:37 PM
Either way - DNF is still the biggest joke in gaming history.

06-13-09, 07:41 PM
Either way - DNF is still the biggest joke in gaming history.
I dunno, it stopped being funny a bunch of years ago, then it just got sad.

06-13-09, 08:07 PM
Damn if all this crap hadn't happened I really think it would have come out within a year :(

06-13-09, 09:25 PM
Naw, it's just a big scam to get constant funding.

06-14-09, 09:00 AM
Naw, it's just a big scam to get constant funding.

Im sure, I bet they scammed tons of money out of investors. Im sure alot of them will come out into the open and sue them like Take2 has.

3DR is dead, Yeah they claim the company is still around but being registered as a company does not mean anything really. I have a company registered and I don't do anything...

06-14-09, 10:08 AM
I can see it now, they will get someone to back the rest of the development but with a catch, they will need another 10-12 years to finish it...... something along the lines of EA wants us to use the crytek engine..... LOL.