View Full Version : Lineage 2 settings questions..

06-15-09, 01:20 PM
Hello there..

Took the time to test this game.. and will like to know if there any way
to increase the view distance even more.. of the way the game options allows?

like other games that have hidden settings to control the graphics..

And the game alliasin is bad.. even without HDR turned on.. any way to force AA to higher levels than 4x? i have the geforce 8800gts.. and can do 8x an 8xQ in other games.

thanks for the help~

06-16-09, 12:19 PM
Could use nHancer to push some supersampling in there.
Try out Supersampling 2x2 or Combined 16xS (2x2 SSAA + 4x MSAA)