View Full Version : LCD/CRT Combo

06-18-09, 12:08 PM
It seems that I can either use the LCD or CRT singly, but not together. I have been fiddling with various combinations of settings and connections, but when I try to connect both at the same time, I get a black screen on both monitors. Is there something inherently wrong with this combination, or can it be done with a different video card (EVGA 8800GTS currently), or some kind of trick with connections or driver settings?

06-19-09, 05:19 AM
It is possible, the GPU should not care what type of screen is connected. Have you tested with another graphics card? Different monitors? Different drivers? On boot up before windows does it out put to both and only blank in wondows? Or is it blank on both anytime 2 are connected?


06-19-09, 10:06 AM
The only other "monitor" that I have tried is a regular analog TV, which worked fine, but was connected via S-Video, rather than DVI, like the LCD. Even the LCD didn't work at first, when I used a DVI to HDMI converter cable, I had to use a straight DVI to DVI cable for it to work at all.

Whichever monitor that I connect to the right side connector on the video card (viewed from the backside) displays the BIOS screens and Windows together, if connected singly, but only black, after the BIOS screens, if connected in combo.

I have tried a couple of different drivers, but got the same result with each.