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06-21-09, 07:39 AM
Card is on eBay now. Please close.

06-21-09, 09:13 AM
Are there financing options? :p

Bump for a good seller and member of the forum!

06-22-09, 06:27 AM
Forgot to mention that the card includes the eVGA backplate. I don't know if it helps overclocking at all, as I've not overclocked this card at all.

Backplate link (http://www.amazon.com/EVGA-401-EV-1234-01-Gtx-295-Backplate/dp/B001RNOHDA)

06-22-09, 08:45 AM
Do you have layaway? :D


06-22-09, 09:17 AM
Is it twice the speed of GTX285? Also, is yours the SC/SSC is so version (if there is such)?

06-22-09, 10:48 AM
You'd have to read some comparative benchmarks to see, but it should be quite a bit faster in most games than a GTX 285. The only situations where it might struggle would be games that use a lot of texture memory, though the difference between the 896 MB frame buffer of the 295 and the 1 GB one of the 285 is probably not going to be that large.

Also, eVGA only made one type of dual-PCB 295, and this is it. The only superclocked versions that exist are the ones users created by using RivaTuner.

In addition to the card and backplate, I'll also throw in a 6-foot HDMI cable.

06-22-09, 08:00 PM
Card is up on eBay. Mods, please close.