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06-21-09, 05:30 PM
So i think im going to revisit the STALKER series and give them a good, long playthrough.

What are the must have mods and tweaks for optimal graphics and gameplay?

06-21-09, 06:09 PM
One mod I would highly recommend is STALKER Complete 2009 link here: http://artistpavel.blogspot.com/ (for Shadow of Chernobyl only)

Read the list of all the modified and merged mods, it is quite impressive all the stuff that is included.

Once installed if you go to: THQ > STALKER-Shadow of Chernobyl > gamedata > shaders > r2 > SkyGRAPHICS_options (open with notepad)

You can modify/turn on/turn off the improved motion blur, depth of field, parallax oclussion, SSAO and sun shafts (god rays) to your liking.

I wouldn't mess with sun shafts they are off by default in the mod and can cause strange graphical glitches if turned on.

But are pretty to look at for a bit, just to see what it does even if you don't leave them on for good. :)

06-22-09, 04:02 AM
Yep, STALKER COMPLETE 2009 is the best out there. I just started replaying STALKER myself using this mod for the first time and its awesome. Not to mention VERY well optimised. Be sure to get the 1.32 patch for the mod though, it adds and fixes lot of stuff.

06-22-09, 12:43 PM
alright thanks

06-22-09, 01:10 PM
Just recently went through STALKER again here also with the Enhanced mod, or something like that.

Looking this one over makes me want to give it yet another go. :)