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06-23-09, 11:38 AM
I know I posted this in the General Hardware. But after an hour, no one had read it.

My PC is ****ed. At start up after windows vista has started up, and i can see my desktop, 3-5 seconds in, my monitor changes into a solid color. First it was green, then at the second start-up it was gray, then it went red. Then It did it once more for gray.
I dual-boot Vista and XP. And i booted into XP and it worked fine, no problems. I even used the onboard VGA, but when it logged on to Vista, it gave me an error, about incorrect drivers or someother. Anyways, same thing happened here. 10 seconds after I see the desktop, the monitor changed the screen to gray again. Except this time, when the screen turned gray, my 9600GSo or some other fan started spinning like crazy. Then an error from my monitor came up. It flickered on and off, so I wasn't able to read it.

What could it be?
I haven't played any games in a while. I thought of maybe the CPU, because I overclock it to 2.13. But then I thought the CPU couldn't be it because the computer starts normally.

So, In vista, my Nvidia 9600 GSO card will work for 5 seconds, but then changed color. And my onboard does the same thing.
But in XP it works fine.
What's going on

What's going on???
My card is the 9600 GSO. specs in sig.
Please swift reply, today is my first day of summer vacation , and I haven't played anything in months.

Thanks For Reading

06-23-09, 01:50 PM
No idea.

Do you have any system restore points?

06-23-09, 01:58 PM
Can you boot into safe mode in vista and uninstall the card?

06-23-09, 04:33 PM
I have done the following tests.
I tried onboard only and Vista Safe mode works fine.
From there I Installed new drivers, and rebooted. It seemed that I had fixed it. I installed Crysis (Gift for school) and played it. I was done playing, but then I noticed that my network adapter now was broken. (The light won't come on when I plug in a ethernet cable) So I shut it down, and checked to see I didn't dislodge it when I had opened it up before. It was fine.

I start it up with the intention of trying my onboard network adapter. And the same thing happened in vista regular mode. The Color screen came back up.

Vista Safe mode works fine, I can open up my PC to that whenever.

I had thought it was a virus from the beginning (But I didn't want to believe it). So I ran malewarebytes Antimalware. In quick, and it didn't find anything. Then in full and it found something, but it was nothing.

Safemode Vista works fine, but Regular Vista gives me the color screen. I'm guessing its a virus now. How can I get rid of it?

06-23-09, 04:38 PM
Get hijack this and see if anything funky is running....

Also is it possible to plug that card into another vista machine and see if you can replicate the problem?

06-23-09, 04:48 PM
Also, boot into safe mode and uninstall the card. Then boot normally, is the system stable then?

06-23-09, 04:52 PM
I got hijack this, and nothing seems too fishy to me. But would I be able to find it if I was in normal windows vista?
Wouldn't it be unstarted in safe mode

And no, I don't have another desktop with Vista

06-23-09, 04:57 PM
If you are not having issues in safe mode, then yes most likely you would need to run it in normal startup mode.

Have you tried booting into normal mode with the nvidia drivers uninstalled?

06-23-09, 05:05 PM
Okay, I tried it, and it worked, for the first time. Then Vista automatically installed its preconfigured drivers, and I hit restart, and it messed up again. The color crap.

So I guess it was the drivers again?

How do I fix this?

06-23-09, 05:32 PM
Okay, I tried it, and it worked, for the first time. Then Vista automatically installed its preconfigured drivers, and I hit restart, and it messed up again. The color crap.

So I guess it was the drivers again?

How do I fix this?

uninstall the drivers in safe mode again/ then press windows key and r type regedit

drill down in the Hkey- local machine and the n software and look for the nvidia entry for your drivers , delete these, do the same for Hkey current user or you can shrink the registry so just computer is showing, then click on edit from the menu, then click find and type nvidia, pressing F3 and delete as the search searches the registry, you should be able to pick out the relevent ones. be carefull though if you have other nvidia stuff on your machine.

06-23-09, 05:43 PM
didn't find anything that Looked like drivers

06-23-09, 06:00 PM
Any help, I'm clueless

06-23-09, 06:32 PM
I got it on ormal vista with no drivers, then I put in my CD that came with my card. And I installed then restarted. It worked fine, everything was good. Then I decide to restart again to "finalize" the problem. When I restarted, the color thing came up AGAIN.

06-23-09, 09:07 PM
Sounds like you need to try a different set of drivers.

06-24-09, 04:14 AM
So far so good. I think I fixed it.
The problems was either my CPU wasn't overclocked, or the new drivers I had installed confilicted with the old ones. What ever the problem, I'm staying with 175.19.

This is what I did. I noticed there was something wrong, when XP works fine, and Vista does not. And I had recently (2 weeks) installed updated drivers(only on vista), from 175 to 185, and I thought that must be the problem.

So In safe mode I uninstalled the graphics card, deleted all of the nvidia drivers on my PC, then ran driver Cleaner Pro 1.5 - I chose nvidia, and it deleted all of the nvidia drivers (double-checked). And then I restarted into normal Vista. Popped in the driver CD that came with my card. Installed. Restarted, the color thing happened. Then I said **** it. And went to sleep. Halfway through the night I woke up with an itch to play. So I thought of everything that might have changed, and cpu speed was one of them. (I had it overclocked) So I change it to what it was. And Started it in normal mode again. And no error. Played a little America's Army 3 (Finished the training). Then I thought should I restart for the heck of it? And so I did.

And it didn't happen again.

I'm guessing problem fixed, but I guess only time will tell.

Thanks for your help guys.
I appreciate it.