View Full Version : A little experiment for anyone with a FX5900

06-16-03, 11:24 PM
I just heard one of those third hand rumors about a performance boost for the 5900, but don't have a card to try it on.

Can someone out there with one do the following test?

1) Run your favorite benchmark with the card at stock speeds, and record the value.

2) Sync the GPU and RAM clock to the same base value, preferably by raising the RAM clock before dropping the GPU clock. I know there isn't a lot of room left to overclock the DDR-I mem, though. 400/800 for a low case, perhaps?

3) Run the benchmark again, and record the difference.

Supposedly, when the mem and core clocks are synched, the memory controller kicks into high gear, and performance increases significantly. Kinda like what happens with nForce2 mobos.

Disclaimer: This could be 100% horse hockey. It seems logical, but that doesn't count for much :) It just seems like something that is interesting, and not too difficult to prove/disprove.

06-16-03, 11:27 PM
Actually, the NF2 works best when the FSB clock is equal to or greater than the memory clock. It's only when the memory clock is faster that performance suffers.