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06-28-09, 12:33 AM
Just started playing this yesterday, it looked pretty and nice character designes, also theres really squat for new games out on pc that look to be worth playing. No indepth review here, just points of interest....

1. Pretty sweet sound track

2. graphics are overall very pretty, dispite showing alot of low polyness. That said it dosn't quite make me excuse some of the sloppy edges like I would in cases like WoW. WoW encorperates its graphic design around low polygons, while some of the models here could use just a little more work.

3. Lots of bland one liners, but the minions feel nothing less like your own horde of grimlins straight from the movie and I think that rocks.

4. Game does a good job in teaching you everything, although I think things are taking a little bit to long. One review said by the time you achieve all 4 minion types, the game is almost over.

5. Back tracking, only for finding missed loot (especialy when you unlock new minions) but no respawns and everything is tied together by a portal and port system, so not to much boring walking.

6. controlling minions is pretty good, the ONLY issues I have is sweeping (trying to control the way your minions move by altering their target direction while they are in movement). I think I am currently stuck in a game because none of my minions will cross a wood plank to get to an object.

Overall it seems like a fun waste of time, but I probably wouldn't recommend it until it hits the bargain bin.

06-28-09, 02:39 AM
Great demo... I'll get it when I can.

06-28-09, 01:51 PM
got it as well, simply great game.

07-04-09, 02:08 AM
got it as well, simply great game.

Even better than the awesome original!
Absolute fun and entertainment. Hilarious too!

07-04-09, 05:38 AM
1st impression was good. Pretty graphics, professional looking menus, step-by-step tutorials at the beginning were all good. Will catch up on this one after CoJ.