View Full Version : BUG: Vista 64 w/ 186.18 optimizes resolution incorrectly

06-28-09, 09:52 AM
This bug is rather simple:

At bootup and return from hibernate or suspend, the resolution of one of my four monitors spuriously changes to a non-native resolution.

My monitor configuration is as follows:

[ 22 ]
[ 18 ][ 22 ][ 18 ]

23 = Acer x223 @ 1680 x 1050 px
18 = Dell 1800FP @ 1280 x 1024 px

The only monitor which changes is the bottom 22 monitor (which is also the primary). I presume I will try to find some workaround in the meantime (UltraMon profiles?), but if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

The only unusual thing about the software configuration for these monitors is that the 22 inch monitors are reported as "(Analog)" by the Display Settings control panel applet. However, all four monitors are connected via DVI.

I've attached the basic sysinfo output from the nvidia driver. Please let me know if more information is needed.

Thank you in advance.

06-28-09, 11:53 AM
huh? Are you reporting a bug? If so why not report it to nvidia?

06-28-09, 12:25 PM
This is not an official NVIDIA forum. The only NVIDIA people who post here work in the Linux section. If you have a problem with a Windows driver, you can report it to them via this link (https://surveys.nvidia.com/index.jsp?pi=7498eac864dc1950c8f09e040b4a437a).

06-29-09, 05:46 PM
I have noticed this also. After a reboot -but not always- it will drop to 1024 instead of the set 1920. Not a huge deal but something is definitely up

06-29-09, 11:59 PM
This seems to happen when I load a game that starts in a non native mode. For example after a fresh format I installed Crysis and loaded it up. It starts by default at 1024x768 I believe. While my desktop was at it's native resolution before launching the game, after the next reboot it will be at whatever resolution the game I ran was at before changing the game settings to the native resolution, in this case 1024x768.

07-01-09, 09:34 PM
This is not an official NVIDIA forum. The only NVIDIA people who post here work in the Linux section. If you have a problem with a Windows driver, you can report it to them via this link (https://surveys.nvidia.com/index.jsp?pi=7498eac864dc1950c8f09e040b4a437a).

Oops. I usually tinker in the Linux session, so I figured that NVIDIA had a presence here as well.


07-07-09, 06:46 PM
This has been happening since drivers after 182.50 and since they added HDCP mode , it is a joke indeed , it is more than a major problem than a bug (search net).. it is worse if you have a none monitor connected i.e 1080p screen ..

seriously thinking of sacking NVIDIA due to this problem.. and get the X2 that i originally wanted Because there more Av understanding and have Brains to understand the issue , other than adding there Re-badged card's to drivers and not sorting bugs, well it is getting more than bug problems now more like Dry Rot if it carries on:thumbdwn:

07-07-09, 07:13 PM
Yes, those HDCP bugs are horendous! With an HDMI connection Crysis will default to 24hz and there is no way to change it. Crysis is just one example, there are probably many other games like this. I had to move to VGA to get around this mess.

07-07-09, 07:26 PM
Agreed ,the problem is there still at DVI and dam sure there driver is setup for Hdmi only .. HDCP does not work correct over DVI , well the old setup did but there trying to add 1.3 why is beyond me. and this is Direct to TV wait till we all go via amp then TV (i can but not tried why bother) i am connecting DVI to HDMI and using a good lead so it is not that , i have tried a few thinking it was...

This is a big problem and down to there drivers :thumbdwn:

07-07-09, 08:06 PM
CRT users have problems also, at least under Win7. The native rez of my 22" CRT (Mitsubishi 2070SB) is considered to be 1600x1200. Trying to run 1280x960 results in the CRT still running at 1600x1200 actual with the 1280x960 scaled up (looks terrible), or it puts 1280x960 in the middle of 1600x1200. Drivers after 182.50's seem to all have this problem.

If this problem still exists after Win 7's out in October I may well go back to ATI.

07-07-09, 08:24 PM
CRT very interesting i have seen reports on this also , but discarded due to old tech ..

07-08-09, 09:18 AM
I'm getting something similar. Sometimes when I exit a game and return to desktop, the resolution switches to 800x600 even though it says 1920x1200. I can select any other resolution but 1920x1200 always displays as 800x600.

07-09-09, 07:36 AM
The highest refresh rate I could get at 1920x1080 with my 37" Samsung and these drivers was 30hz while using HDMI. Completely idiotic.

07-12-09, 04:54 AM
I had this same scaling problem until I installed the 190 drivers. Go into Nvidia control panel then under "Adjust desktop size and position" choose "Use Nvidia scaling with fixed aspect ratio" Now don't click ok, just close out of that window and it will pop up and ask you to save it or apply it or whatever then answer yes to do it. Worked for me that way. If I click OK instead it never saves it.
Now when i select a non widescreen resolution for my widsscreen monitor it places black bars on the sides so it is in it's proper scale and not looking like crap.