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06-17-03, 10:10 AM
Is there anywhere to get this demo? I've been searching in google and Yahoo! and i can't find it anywhere, I even tried kazaa. I heard it can be run on a GeForce 3 with 3D Analyze. I don't care about frame rate, just want to see the pretty graphics. I love eye candy. I wish Matrox didn't get all butt hurt because nVidia cards could run it (thats the only reason they took it down, right?). I mean, I can run ATi demos on my card and ATi hasn't taken them down because of that, why does matrox have to get all pissy? Anyways, if anybody knows where i can get it please tell me....Must...See....Pretty....Graphics.....O_o

06-17-03, 10:34 AM
The demo is on the CD that comes with the card, so there isn't any point in having it downloadable, is there?

06-17-03, 10:57 AM
I remember people talking about how it was removed from the Matrox site, so it was obviously on the net at some point. And what if somebody got an OEM Matrox card with nothing but a simple driver CD?


I think it was 101Megs.

06-17-03, 11:21 AM
I cant find it either, sorry

06-17-03, 11:28 AM
I've got a copy. It zips up to ~107Mb.

06-17-03, 11:38 AM
I have been interested in trying it out. I know Ray also is looking for it. Its not easily found. Yes please, just let me know what I need to do to get ahold of it. thanks, I know Ray thanks ya too.


06-17-03, 02:39 PM
Is there any way you could upload it to a server, or put it on kazaa or something?

06-17-03, 08:05 PM
shoot...i was downloading it a few days ago, but the connection sucked, and then my dad shut down my comp without asking me (butthead). i'll look for the link again...i got it out of another forum.

goddam hardocp forums! i saw the link there, and i do a search in the forums, and it doesn't work. [Edited by ragejg to remove flibble-able content]

06-17-03, 09:57 PM
I did a search on the forums you just mentioned, but they link doesn't seem to work for me. It just says "Connected, waiting for reply" forever. I'm gonna wait a little longer and hope it starts up.



It finally connected and GetRight ran a mirror search, the only other download location it found is:


06-17-03, 10:20 PM
yea, thats it.....the search thing on my comp wasn't working. btw, the second mirror link connects almost immediately, with decent speed.....50-80 kbps so far. thx dude.

damn.....the second link downloads half way and then stops. ugh, gonna try the first link and see if it connects.

06-17-03, 10:43 PM
Originally posted by yoladude
goddam hardocp forums! i saw the link there, and i do a search in the forums, and it doesn't work. [Edited by ragejg to remove flibble-able content]

lol, my apologies

06-17-03, 11:06 PM
downloaded it off the second link, averaged around 125K a sec for me, took around 20 min or something, I didnt really pay attention to it, was cleaning the kitchen, anyhow, grabbed the other downloads and put it all together, realizing I need more than this FX 5200, it runs but kinda choppy, again very pretty, Im a ocean fanatic, I love lighthouses and fish, I have my kitchen and bathroom all in Nautical themes, and this was right up my alley, it beats hands down any of the Aquarium or Ocean ScreenSavers that I have ever run, Im wondering if theres any way to modify this into a screensaver instead of just being a Demo, ahhh something to look into, possibly learn some programming or something, Ill have to comb the web for info on it. As for finding it, thanks so much, Im glad ray posted it as I had seen it before on another forum about using other video cards and just hadnt bothered then with having a Voodoo 5 still at the time and Im glad he reminded me cause I had forgotten it. Thanks again to all you guys


06-17-03, 11:07 PM
the first link seems to be working, happily downloading at 150 kbps. should be done in a few minutes, will post results.

06-17-03, 11:22 PM
the demo itself works fine. used 3danalyze, and the reef demo fix, and it loads and runs and everything. but there aren't any textures! there's just plain lighting models or something. remember the chameleon demo? the reef demo looks like the chameleon one did when the drawstyle was selected as "solid." is there anyway to fix this?

06-18-03, 08:51 AM
I'm not sure, I still don't have it. Its got about one hour and 45 Mins left (Been downloading all night, i'm on 56K).

06-18-03, 08:58 AM
same problem here :( I use 44.03 on 4200Ti

It should work... remember this link (http://www.mwgl.org/articles.php?refid=EpuZVAlFEEMDgUgFMX) ?

06-18-03, 09:23 AM
The problem here is that to get all the textures requires PS1.4 which the GF4 ain't got. The textures appear on a R8500 without a problem, just slowly ;)

06-18-03, 10:55 AM
Oh... I thought this demo used PS1.3...O_o


Is there any way to emulate pixel shaders in DirectX programs like you can in OpenGL programs? I don't mind watching a slide show.

06-18-03, 04:10 PM
Originally posted by SurfMonkey
The problem here is that to get all the textures requires PS1.4 which the GF4 ain't got. The textures appear on a R8500 without a problem, just slowly ;)

ohhhhh.....so THAT'S why the ati treasure chest demo doesn't work right! damn.....woulda been nice to see the reef demo in all its glory.

06-18-03, 04:15 PM
Well, the PS1.1 to 1.3 parts of the ATI Tresure Chest demo work fine.

06-18-03, 04:29 PM
sorry i really could not be bothered to read all the replies i hope this is a new link


just click know to install language thingy and it comes up anyway

06-18-03, 06:08 PM
The Matrox Reef Demo does not use PS1.4, Matrox Parhelia doesn't even support PS1.4!

06-18-03, 07:23 PM
Thats weird... Then why doesn't it work? I saw an article where they ran it on a GeForce 4 Ti4600 with no problems. It ran at 40FPS average.

06-18-03, 08:17 PM
Oops, my bad :retard: It's the VS that is DX9 standard and the PS was up to 1.3. I think it's because the matrox is a 4x4 design and can lay down 16 textures per pass, whereas the GF4 can do 8 and the R8500 can do 12(?) - I can never remember.

The demo isn't setup to do multi-pass so you'll never get to see all the textures laid down. Hence some funny looking fish 'n' things.

06-18-03, 11:39 PM
No textures, too bad I want to make it work.