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07-04-09, 07:51 AM
I've got a little spare cash ATM and I've been wanting an SSD or two for a while now. Just looked on my usual suppliers site and found this Samsung PB22-J 64Gb SSD. The read/write speeds look great (220/200MB/sec) and the price is.. well.. relatively reasonable. I might be running two of them in RAID0.



Just wondering if there is any other SSD's anyone might recommend, and whether running in RAID0 is a good idea? Any input would be appreciated

07-04-09, 08:51 AM
I just hope your controller doesn't explode ;)

07-04-09, 10:43 AM
Is it likely to? I assume you mean the RAID controller. Can you overload them??

07-05-09, 05:31 PM
Just joshin (I hope) but the guy whose PC recently died in another thread was using striped ssd's,

You should be OK, your chipset isn't crappy.

Then again, This

Xion X2
07-05-09, 05:59 PM
There's some good info on those OCZ forums, but honestly, those guys can be down right paranoid sometimes and go overboard.

I've been running Raid0 for months on OCZ SSDs with great success. I'm still running on the Core drives (Have 3 Vertex drives [230/135 ms] laying here and a 4th on the way) and they've been great since day one. Just make sure you turn off any defragmenting in your OS and disk indexing or anything that can cause unnecessary wear. And clear your SATA controller of everything you can as you'll need it all for the SSDs.

I bought a SATA card to plug into my PCI-E to run my optical drives so I can free up the SATA controller.

07-06-09, 02:53 AM
Cheers guys. A little food for thought :)

07-06-09, 10:30 AM
From what I've read I might give RAID0 a miss. It has given me problems in the past and I lost all the data in my main drive. So I'm now thinking about the 120GB OCZ Summit Series 2.5" SSD (http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=33335&category_id=741&manufacturer_id=0&tid=oczssd2-1sum120g). It's got the same Samsung controller is the Samsung drive, a 128mb cache and is just as fast. I'm just supprised one of these is more expencive than 2 64Gb drives. Doesn't make sense to me, but there you go.

07-06-09, 11:08 AM
Right then, after a little more reading I've settled on the G Skill Falcon 128Gb drive. It seems it is slightly better at dealing with small files and is a little cheaper at 269. I'll post my thoughts on it when I get it up and running.

EDIT: Good review of the G.Skill drive.. http://www.guru3d.com/article/gskill-falcon-128gb-ssd-review/1

Xion X2
07-06-09, 11:29 AM
I've found Raid0 to be perfectly reliable as long as you have a stable platform. For guys that overclock, it's critical that you bench in Prime overnight on your OC before going to a Raid0 array. The one time I didn't do this, it corrupted. But I've been going for several months now on a stable Prime overclock with no problems at all.

I do have a 1TB as a backup, though, in case anything should happen. :)

07-06-09, 11:52 AM
So are the intel drives not the only ones that are good anymore? Do any of the aforementioned drives have the stuttering because of the onboard controller? JW because I want to get a SSD and want to research all the options

07-07-09, 10:10 AM
So are the intel drives not the only ones that are good anymore? Do any of the aforementioned drives have the stuttering because of the onboard controller? JW because I want to get a SSD and want to research all the options

OCZ, Samsung, Intel, G.Skill and others all have good drives available, but the OCZ, G.Skill and the Sammy seem to be the best VFM right now.

It seems the cache has a large effect on the small file transfer speeds as well as the controller. That review I linked to has some good info in it regarding this. Have a read :).

Xion X2
07-07-09, 02:25 PM
Why are transfer rates so important to you? SSDs are about access time and small file size transfers IMO. That's what's important for a boot disk. Usually RAID 0 doesn't help with that.

Hmm. I may be misunderstanding what you're saying, but I can definitely tell a difference in how fast general usage is in Raid0 on my Core drives than on a single drive. It's improved boot times and load times for gaming, desktop apps and web browsing. And I don't get any stuttering like I do on a single drive.. it's a much smoother experience.

Some single SSDs still don't handle small file sizes that well. Raid0 addresses this problem (or more cache or better controller, as I've heard as well.)

07-07-09, 04:50 PM

What do you think between the X25 and the GSkill Falcon?

Xion X2
07-07-09, 05:32 PM
Agreed, RAID 0 might be a good thing for some first gen SSDs. But newer disks or the Intel SSDs are much better. And all those high bandwidths of over 400MB/s aren't really necessary unless you're running a crazy ass fileserver.

Maybe I'll change my opinion once I get a second X25 but for now I think a newer single SSD is enough for a boot disk because in that case, large file size transfer rate are not important.

I don't get what you mean by "large file size transfer rates aren't important." I don't know about you, but I still like to move around large files in my folders.. do a lot of copying/pasting from one location to another. So far, I've found Raid0 to speed these transfers up a lot. Also, Photoshop loads up in about 3 seconds.

As for it benefiting only first-gen SSD's.. I'm not so sure about that, either. Overall performance is improved, including small file reads and writes. A benchmark in ATTO should show this as it tests very small files to large ones. I think, across the board, performance can improve.. even on smaller file sizes. Virus scans, general usage, shutdown times, etc were shown to be improved on high-end drives, as well:


I look at this stuff in a simlar way as I look at multi-GPU. It won't benefit every scenario, but it'll help in some.

Xion X2
07-08-09, 07:27 AM
RAID 0 can also overload things. Did you see [H]'s article about that from this week? Boot times went in fact up going from single drive to RAID configs...

I didn't read that, but I'm thinking it would depend on a lot of factors. The type of controller you're using, processor speed, drive model, etc. My loading times literally halved when going to Raid0. Vista loads mid-way through the 2nd bar whereas it took up to 5-6 cycles on a single drive. The desktop pops up immediately at twice the speed it did on a single drive. Shut-down times are also much, much faster.

There is one thing I could profit from RAIDing SSDs... you get enough space to install games on it and profit there from faster load times and such.
Yep. See, I don't want any HDDs at all in my system. I'm in the process now of swapping out the Raptors for 4 Vertex drives to go with my Core drives. Too much noise, too heavy and too much power/heat. Archaic technology. :)

07-08-09, 10:44 AM
Well the Falcon has landed :p. I'll slap W7b on there tonight and see how it goes. BTW, any idea which version of 7 I should be using, or is it just a matter of newer is better?

Xion X2
07-08-09, 02:46 PM
hehe. Did you get four 120GB Vertex drives?

Heck, no. They're like 500$ apiece. I make a decent living, but not that decent. I'm going w/ smaller sizes (32/64) until the prices come down some.

Instead of going w/ a large single or two large drives, I decided to go w/ 4 smaller ones. By raiding 4 smaller Vertex drives, you'll get the increased cache (the 30GB have the same amount of cache as larger sizes) as well as a higher multi on your I/O by striping the data twice over.

I'd like to use a SSD (or multiple SSDs in a RAID) for my gaming disk. But next up is a 20TB fileserver, a solid backup solution is more important right now. btw, I won't be using SSDs for that :p

Yeah, I still have a HDD backup that runs outside the case. A 1TB. Keep my OS and games on the SSDs.

Anyhow, I'm still relatively new at this, so some of what I'm counting on may not happen as I think it will. But I've done some decent research and.. well, we'll see.

07-09-09, 02:39 AM
Well the new drive is pretty badass, really quick :D. Can't really get a propper impression as I only got W7 and a few drivers installed last night, but it boots and runs super fast and after using a RaptorX as my main drive for the last year or so it's nice not to have all the noise.

Pleased with the purchase so far, despite the cost.