View Full Version : 8800GTX boot issues

sammy sung
07-04-09, 11:26 AM
I recently upgraded my pc and gave my old 8800gtx card to my gf's son.She has previous experience with building and installing pc's but theyre having issues with the card.Her sons pc has a Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe mobo ,a E6600 cpu and 2GB ram.The PSU is a Chieftech 560 w with 2 PCI-E powerconnectors.The previous GFX card is a 7950 Gx2 wich works as expected.I can't be with them today so she tried to install the 8800 card herself but without uninstalling the old driver first,she wanted to make sure the card worked i guess.I asked her to uninstall the old drivers first,then shut down the pc and remove the old card ,put the new one in and then boot and install as that is the sequence i always use.This haven't been done yet,she think's the pc should boot into safe mode anyway.It posts normally but will not boot into windows,it stops loading at the xp screen.Same thing happens in safe mode,the card also gets hot to the touch.Can the problem be that the previous gx2 drivers weren't uninstalled before changing gfx cards ? Wouldn't it still boot into safe mode anyway since its using a unified nvidia driver ?

sammy sung
07-05-09, 07:09 PM
Same thing happens with no driver installed,hangs when loading xp.Either the card is broken somehow or his psu isn't up to scratch.Don't know what to think,i've found people running similar stuff with this psu model without issues.His pc works fine with the 7950 gx2 installed but with my card it displays picture during boot but it refuses to boot into windows.

07-07-09, 02:32 PM
The card might be dead i dunno, if it works with others and not this that might be the problem cause it still would boot, if u uninstall a driver wrong or whatever that shouldnt give u boot problems.

sammy sung
07-07-09, 08:05 PM
Yea its weird,the card displays picture during boot,if it was dead the pc wouldn't even boot that far i think.