View Full Version : Intermittent Sound Distortion

07-06-09, 01:08 PM
A problem that I haven't had before, is that on my XP x64 installation there is often a significant distortion or breaking up of sound. This doesn't seem to be associated with any particular program, but occurs when I have previously been running some other program with sound previously. It is kind of like as though there were a cache that had become filled with old sound files and didn't have any room left for the new.

Rebooting clears the problem for a while, but will return after switching between programs a bit. I reinstalled the sound driver, which did seem to improve the sound, but didn't solve the problem. I searched the driver for anything that appeared to be a cache, but found none. I'm wondering if like a video driver, that the sound driver may have left some bits behind , after the reinstallation? Since this problem has only appeared on this OS, of my multi-boot system, I don't believe that there is a hardware problem.

Is there anything that I may have overlooked?