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06-17-03, 11:03 PM
I just bought a Stick of Crucial's 512MB DDR PC2700 memory and installed it. Everything POSTs fine but when it gets ready to go into Windows the computer reboots itself. What could my problem be?

My spec:
Windows 98SE
Biostar M7VIP
Amd Athlon XP 1600+
Generic Keyboard
Microsoft Intellimouse
Microsoft Wireless USB Adapter
Gainward Geforce3 TI200
Crucial 512MB DDR PC2700

"When things happen, they happen for a reason"

Rampant CL
06-18-03, 12:47 AM
Does it let you start in safe mode?

06-18-03, 01:12 AM
I assume this began to happen when you installed the new RAM? If it was rebooting before, it's possible that you're CPU is overheating or you power supply is near it's death.

06-18-03, 07:20 AM
yes it lets me start up safe mode. This is the first stick of new memory that i have had.

06-18-03, 07:40 AM
so wait, you had different memory before and it worked fine? Or is this a new machine you built and you happen to choose Crucial 512meg DDR2700? Crucial is known for excellent compatibility, so maybe it's just a defective modual. And check the memory timing settings, use the bios default donot use aggressive timings. And are you overclocking at all? If so, set CPU and FSB speeds to default and see if that helps.

06-18-03, 09:05 AM
I had a stick of Samsung 256MB DDR PC2700 memory in my computer and it worked fine. Then i tried both stick didn't get past the start up screen(the black one) then I took out the samsung and Tried the Crucial Memory by itself and it boots fine until it gets to the windows screen and goes to load windows and the restarts itself.

"When things happen, they happen for a reason"

06-18-03, 02:15 PM
Gator makes some good suggestions. Is the memory set to SPD in the BIOS? Have you tried lowering the timings to say CAS 3 just to see if it helps?

06-19-03, 04:11 AM
Did you clear the bios before adding the ram? you should be able to rum both sticks of ram together, you might need to play around a little with timings though to get it right, or you can run slow timings should be fine. What voltage are you runnning the ram at? 2.6-2.7 should be fine if you are not overclocking.

I tried overclocking my new ram when I got it, I was starting to get blue screens, even on low overclocks. First I thought my ram was crap, then I thought it was my psu, now what Im pretty sure it is, is that my hdd is very sensitive to a higher fsb, even something like 175 from 166!!

It took me many formats to come to that conclusion :o all seems fine now with just a multi overclock :cool:

Rampant CL
06-19-03, 04:49 AM
Tha fact that it works in safe mode but not normally suggests the ram doen't have an issue, but windows does. Mayhab a reinstall?