View Full Version : A7N8X and Kingston

06-18-03, 06:29 AM
The following ram module is not listed at http://usa.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=A7N8X%20Deluxe&langs=09

Kingson 512mb (2x256mb) DDR400 PC3200, Model KVR400X64C3AK2/512

It looks like it isn't any different than the 256 model (same brand) that IS listed - other than it is two sided.

Anyone have any experience with the 512 mb 400 DDR module and an Asus A7N8X ?

06-18-03, 07:35 PM
using 2 sticks of Kingston 512 /DDR400 running at 400 mhz FSB insync. No problems.