View Full Version : Help with my Geforce Ti 4200 please!

06-18-03, 11:11 AM
Ok so I'm suffering from this REALLY strange problem with my brother's system and I'm supposed to be good at fixing computers but this has me stumped!

For some reason, after maybe 20 minutes or so of the computer being on, the picture goes out of focus! I've no idea why! This is using a Geforce Ti 4200 on a Gigabye KT133A motherboard. I did some searching on this and all I could come up with is this on an Amazon of a Ti4400:

"I only have 2 problems with the card. First, I have noticed that sometimes the screen becomes out of focus after the system has been on awhile. I thought it was my monitor at first, but I talked to 2 friends who also have GeForce vid cards, and they have the same problem. It's not a big problem however, because I quickly found a patch on the internet to correct the problem. My other complaint is that it has to video inputs. At the price this thing costs, that's the least they could have provided on this card. Aside from that, it runs good and is an otherwise decent value. "


So this guy mentions a patch of some sort, but I have NO idea where such a patch exists.

Any help anyone? This is driving me mad! :(

06-18-03, 11:20 AM
first time I heard of it... :confused:
was this a general forum? I mean, you sure it's not game related patch or something? how about a lonk to that thread it sounds interesting enough...
Have you tried another card? another monitor? I saw a monitor doing that so...

06-18-03, 11:26 AM
It may very well be the monitor. My brother said he tried another one, but.....I just plugged my laptop into his monitor and it does the same thing. Argh! New monitor time I guess!

06-18-03, 11:36 AM
This very much sounds like a problem with the monitor. It sounds like your shadow mask is not working correctly causing the image to appear slightly out of focus. I doubt this is a video card problem, since I never heared of this happening either. :confused: