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Mr. Scary
07-15-09, 10:10 AM
I purchased from Dell(THAT WAS THE FIRST MISTAKE I KNOW) 2 8800GT Alpha Dog XXX Edition gpu's. i was told they had clock settings of 670/975/1600. I received both the gpu's in the same looking box with the same specs and writing on both boxes. i put them in and not knowing diddly about comps or gpu's and not gaming, i was pretty much happy as a clam. got a good deal and what i had heard/read got to pretty decent cards from a decent manufacturer. i've since started gaming and doing the sli thing. when i down loaded gpuz and riva tuner to check out the cards i see that both cards are not the same. Even when i registered the cards on XFX's site they come up as being the same card. Apparently the second card appears to have a different bios and is coming up 600/900/1500 for it's clocks. I called dell and their response was this is how we get stuff from the manufacturer. it shows the same in our system. well after fighting with them for countless weeks and hours i've given up on them as now they also state they don't have or stock these cards anymore. i have noticed while gaming or sitting idle even that this second gpu runs much hotter than the other! i'm guessing that's due to the fact it's trying to clock itself up to run at the speeds of the other card when in sli..??..??...thoughts there? here's a shot of the two cards from gpuz;


As of this typing XFX is closed. I will be calling them for some help from tech support and trying out their service for the first time. i'm hoping for a good outcome as being happy initially with the first 2 xfx products i also purchased to xfx 9800GT's for another system. I'm having probs with those running WAAAAAY to hot even just idling, but, that's another post at another time

NOTE: none of the 4 gpu's are OC'd.

My questions are;
-can this be fixed with a simple bios flash?
-if so where can i find that bios,,either online or how do i pull the correct bios out of the other gpu with the correct clocks?
-is there a program or a sticky that will help a noob out in doing a bios flash?

I am hoping this is a quick fix I am also hoping that XFX's service is up to snuff as i am possibly in the market for a GTX series gpu and am not sure if i should go with an XFX product again, or switch to EVGA. thoughts there as well????

thanks in advance guys for any help, suggestions, or responses.


07-19-09, 12:44 AM
The clocks on that second card are identical to my regular (non XXX) "Alpha Dog" 8800GT. It can't be the same model number. The only changes I know of with these cards were a new fan and black PCB for Rev B. models that came out a few months after the first 8800GT's. Post the model silkscreened on the back of the card, don't go by any stickers.

07-21-09, 10:47 AM
If you don't get any relief from xfx or dell, you can always copy the real alpha dog bios and paste it into the other card.