View Full Version : My laptop will not connect to any wireless networks

07-15-09, 07:14 PM
I have a Dell Inspiron 9300.
The router at my house is a 2Wire DSL Gateway Model 2701HG-B from AT&T.
I currently use a SpeedStream 4100 DSL Modem from AT&T.
I plugged the ethernet and phone cord into the 2Wire DSL Gateway Model 2701HG-B, my Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection says its connection is great, however I cannot surf the web. My laptop will say its connected to other routers if I travel but will not allow me internet access. It used to work, now it no longer does, and its infuriating. I reset the router, repair connection, rebooted, no luck. What am I missing?

07-26-09, 06:22 AM
Some ISP's and Routers require specific settings to work. Did you run the install setup disk that came with the Router.

07-26-09, 07:22 AM
best way, to see if all is well is to go to device manager and uninstall the card from there. Reboot your laptop and see if it will pick up new networks.

07-26-09, 09:10 AM

First try another pc or device to ensure its yout laptop that's having trouble and not something else. Also, sE if you can ping the address of the router - which is probably something like