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07-20-09, 01:34 AM
Ok i recently got 3x 1TB HDD from Samsung, i installed them without any problems and before this i had 4xHDD, one of which was IDE. Installed the OS/installed apps/games/etc

The games themself had dxinstall running, so it copies what it needs / etc.

For some strange reason everytime i run a game when the shader gets heavy...it craps to 30fps, in cod4, when i look at the distance with shadows/etc...it craps to 30fps, the moment i look down i get 200fps.

in sf4, i get 60fps, till i use a super and it drops to 30fps~...even slower

Its so strange i am not sure what is going on...drivers are same and i know i used the latest drivers as well after the format.

I noticed i no longer have a dxfiles tab in dxdiag, so i cant check on the dx files...

CS Source VST still runs 100% perfect.

I am leaning towards some kinda driver thing...mainly an issue with dx...

i did try to run dxwebupdate but it craps out and fails, i downloaded the dx march 2009 destribution and it starts copying files...like a **** load of it.

Anyone able to help me with this? it seems so strange..

like in sf4 i can play the game fine but the moment a super comes or the introduction ingame of the characters..it drops in frames...

I did not have this problem before.

i checked the cables and everything...

07-20-09, 01:46 AM
I noticed i no longer have a dxfiles tab in dxdiag, so i cant check on the dx files...

that was removed from vista from start.

you basically have some video card issue, try removing ati drivers and installing it again.

07-20-09, 02:09 AM
hmm nekro this is really really strange..

check out the screenshot the bus interface speed is at x1..

i dont think thats right.

i did try a uninstall/clean using drive sweeper in safe mode, then reboot, then install.

i wonder if i have the upto date intel chipset drivers...acording the device manager it says 2007 drivers...i download the latest ones and it doesnt even install anything.


07-20-09, 02:14 AM
don't use DRIVER SWEEPER, or similar programs. these types of programs just cause more issues.

PCI-E 16x at 1x would certainy explain your issue,


seems to be common with 48xx cards.

Update: After moving the card to the second PCI-E slot, and installing the driver (since it had a new location on the mainboard), it ran at 16x. So I moved it back to the first PCI-E slot, and bam! 16x as well.

07-20-09, 03:09 AM
alright its fixed, i switched to my other pci-e and it detected x16.

i didnt even uninstall the drivers.

when i first installed the my hdd i pulled em out, then went straight to windows insatllation think some kinda old or default driver in there sets it up to run at x1 and even after updates it still runs at x1...

anyway my hadoukens are now at 60fps :P

going to try re5 again, i was getting horrendous perfermence in that.