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07-21-09, 11:04 PM
So I have been looking around for a new laptop to replace my 4 year old Dell and was thinking about getting a Apple Mac Book Pro with the nVidia 9400M in it. Why mac? I love the look of the apple computers, they are not cheap plastic computers which I see allot of today. I am planing on using some photo and video editing programs and will use Windows on it.

I thought I would now pick one up since my college has a deal for a "NEW" MacBook 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - Aluminum 13.3 LED backlit 1280x800, nVidia Geforce 9400M
Selling at $949.00


I guess the question's are
1. Can macs like this one run games such as TF2, Modern Warfare and L4D? "just as well as a Windows laptop with almost the same configuration?
2. Should I dig a hole and kill myself since I even thinking about buying a mac?
3. If yes to #2 what other laptops should I be looking at. Remember I need something easy to carry, that's not a desktop replacement and that has nVidia in it.
4. And last what should I be worried about from getting a mac? Yes I know battery replacement sucks but is there something else?

Just need some input :)

07-21-09, 11:23 PM
what are you doing at college? like majoring in?

cuz that might justify it...MIGHT,

but #2 sounds good and look at the Dell XPS's, they're really good. I love mine and it actually runs games pretty decently

07-22-09, 02:40 AM
If you have any intention of gaming, just get a decent Windows-based system.

How about this one. 16" screen, 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo with 3Mb cache, 9600M GS, 320Gb hard drive for $750...


If you're doing photo and video editing you're going to want as much CPU speed as you can get, and that tends to be a rather expensive commodity in notebooks.

By comparison, a MacBook Pro with similar specs to this Acer would cost between $1200 and $2000. That's a very expensive piece of brushed aluminum with an Apple imprinted on it.

If you want, you can buy a reasonably priced notebook, then send it to me and I'll glue some shiny metal onto it for only $200. :thumbsup: :lol:

07-22-09, 09:56 AM
or get a 13" XPS so you can game and get stuff done. You can definitely up the processor in those ones.

Also see what deals your school offers, because I got $300 off my XPS when I ordered through my school.

07-22-09, 10:24 AM
Get a cheaper Windows laptop and install OSX86 on it.

Then you can have a "mac" and windows, for cheaper, and your friends at school will be impressed lol :D

Consult this thread:

07-22-09, 11:13 AM
4. And last what should I be worried about from getting a mac?
maybe people will think you're a perv.