View Full Version : Splosion Man

07-22-09, 03:06 PM
Anyone else tried this? Came out on Xbox Arcade today.

This game is the most joyful experience I have had playing a game in a while. It's a platformer, but with smart "puzzles"... I put puzzles in quotation markes because this is not a puzzle game, it is fast and action oriented, but you do have to think... it makes you think without thinking about it, which is awesome.

Think of it as the puzzles of Lemmings or Exit but in a Sonic the Hedgehog paced platformer.

Also, the music is rad.

This is probably the best $10 you can spend on Xbox Arcade in months.

07-23-09, 09:03 AM
Considered making a thread about this game. One of those games where after about 10 seconds you want to buy it, simply awesome. One of the best games to hit XBLA in awhile.