View Full Version : Can't get new Sony DDU1621 DVD Player to work

06-19-03, 01:56 PM
Here is system its in:

MSI K7T Turbo-R KT133A Mobo
1.2 ghz TBird (@1.38 ghz)
256 meg Mushkin PC150 SDRAM
SBLive 5.1
VT GF3 Ti200
Win2k SP3

I tried both WinDVD and Power DVD and both don't work. PowerDVD gives me error message saying TV Out is enabled and it can't play copywrite protected software (WTF?), and WinDVD plays it but sound breaks up and picture is horrible and then freezes while sound plays on :mad:

This should be simple install and I'm getting mad :mad: Physically installing Sony DVD went fine, its set as slave off MSI CD-RW and computer found it right away and said there was no problems with unit. I believe DMA is enabled but I'll double check.

Any Ideas please post as I may be RMAing if can't figure this out

06-19-03, 02:24 PM
I don't know any specifics, but DON'T RMA IT YET. I've heard of this, and it's a software issue, not one with your drive.

06-19-03, 05:22 PM
For reply. I fixed the problem, and found the solution poking around in the threads here. The data base for problem solving here and at AMDmb.com is just amazing :)

It turns out the Sony DVD player and Cyberlink PowerDVD were fine. The reason DVDs would not play, or play incorrectly, was because I was running the 42.01 det drivers. For some reason any det driver from 41.09 on up intializes TV Out automatically if you have it (I do on my GF3), and this screws everything up and DVDs don't work (You get Macro and copyright errors or sound works badly and video does not work at all). To solve problem I installed the 40.72 Win2k Det Drivers and voila! DVDs work :D

I hope Nvidia addresses this problem, as it seems like a serious one to me. From what I've read they may have fixed it with the 43.51s but I'm not sure. Also do not know if problem is limited to GF3s only or if it affects other cards.

Anyway, just glad everything is working ok now :thumbsup: Thanks for your post. I should know by now that "Plug and Play" would be more accurate as "Plug, spend 4 hours on diagnostics, research, and trouble shooting, then play" :rolleyes: