View Full Version : Bad times with data juggling

07-28-09, 08:44 PM
I've been without gaming for a few weeks now.

My Vista installation went tits up with the hard drive I damaged by draining too much power (I think that's how it died anyway) ,new PSU arrived today.

Before it died I took an image thats sitting on my 500gb data drive that holds nearly all my games and stuff (Vista and XP)

The Vista image needs at least 150gb and will destroy all partitions on the drive its placed in

At one point I re-installed that image to the bad drive and de-activated GTAIV (all good) then created a partition on my XP drive and installed Windows 7...

After installing GTAIV on 7 I updated the Nvidia driver BAD DRIVER INSTALLATION on restart and couldn't do ****, I know its a beta for a reason!!!!

XP which I want to keep intact has its own 160gb drive which is almost dead, I'll give it a month till it pops its clogs (temp is 55c @ idle).

I have a 1tb drive arriving this week and I'm not 100% sure I know which way I'm going to juggle this mess back into some kind of order.