View Full Version : Mid-Tower Case Suggestions Please

07-31-09, 05:15 AM
Hi there

I'm putting together the final spec for my new PC, but am stuck on choice.

Was looking at the Antec 902 but am put off somewhat by the location of the power supply unit, which sits at the bottom of the case.

Any of you guys own one and had any issues ??

All my recent cases have had the PSU at the top of the case, so was wondering if you had any suggestions for a case along thos lines.

The graphics card will be a GTX285 which run around 10.5" from memory.

Appreciate all your comments


bob saget
07-31-09, 10:11 AM
Maybe take a look at the cooler master HAF 922 (or whatever the smaller version of HAF 932 is called). In the 2009 Rig page, look at zero's setup (about 2 pages back, with the bright lights), that is that case.