View Full Version : 12v to 3.2v drop using resistor?

08-01-09, 10:56 AM
I was looking at putting in a few L.E.D's in different location of the case to light up some components each L.E.D going to be 5mm at 0.02 amps which is going to be the current drop.
Now going to use a current limited resistor at 1/4 watt instead of a voltage regulator because L.E.D's are current controlled and not voltage controlled.

My question is how many ohm's sure the resistor be was going to go with 470 ohm's or 560ohm's, don't what it to be to bright, just to light up the waterblocks and do under light for the bottom of the case and for some back lighting. going to power off the 12v side due to installing some lighted flip switchs in front to controlled light's and ETC. Was also going to do a RGB LED Controller for two modes one for on always and other mode to flash with music.