View Full Version : Brothers In Arms Hells Highway Movement

Mr Bigman
08-02-09, 07:46 PM
I noticed when moving around you can turn 360 but when you sprint your locked into the direction your going.

Is their a fix for when sprinting to get 360 degree movement?

08-02-09, 07:50 PM
It's a common-sense gameplay mechanic, I doubt there is a way around it.

Mr Bigman
08-02-09, 08:58 PM
So some games you have to deal with it?

Thats fine cuz its not that bad just thought their was a setting for it.

08-02-09, 09:12 PM
Grothers? WTF. lmfao. retard.

08-02-09, 11:28 PM
It makes sense not to be able to all-out sprint going backwards.

08-02-09, 11:51 PM
Wasn't it the same in Medal of Honor : Airborne?

Regardless, I absolutely hate this in games. ArmA 2 does it perfectly though. True FREE look while sprinting, independent of player direction. Noice.

Mr Bigman
08-03-09, 12:29 AM
Airborn does it too.

I would have to mess with the configs a bit and see if i can set a true or false option since its a ut engine.

08-03-09, 12:51 AM
Its to make it more realistic.
Try sprinting in real life and just turn around fast 360.