View Full Version : A good LCD display for that fit 5-1/2 touch panel

08-06-09, 10:18 PM
Anyone know a good LCD display for that fit 2x 5-1/4 touch panel, don't mind spenting up to $400 or less, try a couple of vfd display due to Imon lockdown the software, will not to accept any plugin, try older version of the software and even third party software, due to firmware on device just won't allow it , check on forums a lot of people are having the same problem talk to the software developer and he blame it on the display firmware lockdown, company said working to find away around it but may take months just to get wmplayer to display songs and EQ to work right. I try lcd smartie and simon nothing works, so it going back, it was a antec Elite media station.

Need to know where to get a good LCD display that will fit in two 5-1/4 bays that does everything or a good VFD display that doesn't use Imon software that will display system info, wmplayer support, EQ that works and most important system temps.