View Full Version : Open PCI-E slot, what to put in it. Suggestions please.

08-10-09, 12:18 AM
Well I have an open PCI and PCI-E slot on my motherboard which is the lowest slot on the board, and I have a hankering to fill it. So i've been googling and newegg'ing (are those verbs?) to find what would be a useful upgrade. I mainly use the machine for gaming and I don't turn it on but a few hours a day. Web browsing/email/chat I usually use my laptop or any other computer.

TV tuners don't interest me, onboard sound, sounds good enough to me (2.1 speakers). Should I get a cheap GFX for physx, my PSU doesn't have any extra PCI-E plugs so I would have to use an adapter. Should I add another GTX for tri-sli keep in mind I would have to buy a new PSU as i'm sure 850w can not drive three GTX's. I had my raid card in that slot originally but It limited the use of all 6gb of ram (posted this in an older thread).

Should I just leave it alone? I want the board to be utilized to the fullest so i'm curious as to what if anything I should get?

Could I get some suggestions, and please don't say Fusion I/O which is out of my price range.