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06-21-03, 12:46 PM
What brand cdrom drive (not burner) are you guys using and why?

I recently threw out my previous Kenwood 72X. The thing was the bomb in it's day and that sucker was fast. But there were some problems with that drive with reading certain cds and sometimes copying from it did not have that good of results. The technology seemed great but Kenwood dropped the line completely because of some things the drive apparently could not do. When Windows XP came out, the Kenwood website said it was NOT compatible with Windows XP. That really blew me away! When I switched to XP I started having some problems with the 72X. The OS apparently had problems with recognizing the drive and sometimes would only show my writer (Lite-on 32X burner). I would frequently have to reboot to get it to show. I would also have problems sometimes when playing a game. Sometimes the game would not run because the OS apparently didn't know the cd was in the drive. I would then either have to hit the game exe over and over again, reboot, or switch the cd to the burner to get the game to play. I got tired of this and just removed the drive.

Well when looking for a replacement drive, I started looking around for some reviews of plain cdrom drives and found out there were hardly any. Apparently no one gives a hoot about cdrom drives anymore to even write a review on one. Since I had been using the Lite-on burner and liking it, I bought a Lite-on 52X cdrom drive. It's quiet and works well (no more OS recognizing problems) but I noticed the cpu load was quite high using Nero CD Speed to check it. That got me wondering just what CDrom drive is the best.

Comments on cdrom drives welcomed. Thanks

The Baron
06-21-03, 12:52 PM
Exclusively Lite-On. 16x DVD drive and 52x burner now.

06-21-03, 01:02 PM
Besides the DVD capability, why that drive? I assume you can copy a cd from that drive to a writer?

So how good is that drive? For example. Does it read cd text? Have good cpu load levels? Read all cds? etc?

The Baron
06-21-03, 02:06 PM
For the money, I haven't seen drives better than Lite-On drives. I think everyone here will agree on their CD burners, and the DVD drive has been great in every respect you mentioned so far.

It's kind of noisy when it spins up, but meh, it's no louder than my old Toshiba drive.

06-21-03, 03:15 PM
i agree with liteon... they are fast, cheap, and great quality. thats why i own 2 of them:D

06-21-03, 06:18 PM
I like the MSI ones myself

06-21-03, 06:40 PM
Lite-on are the bescht. There are no other drives. :D

06-21-03, 11:00 PM
Originally posted by UDawg71
Lite-on are the bescht. There are no other drives. :D

I agree that the quality you get for the money you pay is great.
For a burner I would go for Plextor, but since you're looking for just a cdrom, go with the Lite-on.:D

06-21-03, 11:14 PM
Originally posted by b00bie
I agree that the quality you get for the money you pay is great.
For a burner I would go for Plextor, but since you're looking for just a cdrom, go with the Lite-on.:D

OH no my fine spikey haired friend. Lite-on for burner also. 48x24x48. This is the finest burner for the money you can buy. You cant get the 52x24x52 but it isn't that much of an in crease in performance and I heard they are some times picky on the media you want to burn.

06-21-03, 11:32 PM
Originally posted by b00bie
For a burner I would go for Plextor

And pay 3-5 times as much for a drive that 1) comes with an inferior software bundle when compared to Lite-On and 2) has a track record for reliability that's darn near the same as Lite-On.

I've done the Plextor dance before, and it's not one I would ever do again.

For DVD drives, I would have to recommend Pioneer or Toshiba. Those are the only two brands I've used and have never had trouble with them.

Burners, I'm all about Lite-On for their speed, quality, software (Nero) and price. Also, you can pick up a Lite-On 52x CD-ROM for $19 from Newegg and that's for the retail box. Otherwise, I'd probably go for a Sony CD-ROM drive as those have gotten some pretty good reviews.

06-22-03, 08:55 AM
Well, I have never used a Lite-on burner, so I don't want to make that judgement. I have one friend with a Lite-on and one with a Plextor. The one with the Lite-on says the burner is OK, and the one with the Plextor says Plextors are awsome. I myself have a TDK Velo and it works great for me. :)

But I guess you learn something new every day;) Maybe for my new comp I will try the Lite-on!:D

06-22-03, 05:04 PM
If Lite-On cd-roms/DVD's are anything remotely like their burners, you wont go wrong at all.