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06-21-03, 03:42 PM
i have a dell demension 8200 with an 80gb (factory installed) hard drive 7200rpm. today i came across an old computer ,ibm aptiva, which has a 3.2gb 5400 rpm ibm hard drive model "DAQA-33240". I know it is only a 3.2 gb hard drive but would it be possible to add this as a slave drive to my dell demension 8200? i want to add it as an extra drive for all my back up files( downloaded game installer's /other downloaded stuff/patches etc etc.) is it even possible to add a 5400 rpm hard drive to a system that already has a 7200 rpm hard drive as the master hard drive?is it possible to some how just connect this hard drive ( which i think has windows 95 OS on it and other data, the computer it came out of was dated 1995-1996..yes very old) just to see what is currently on it without erasing or having to partion it? when and or if i try to connect it to my current demension system what do i set the jumper to? choices are:device 0/device 1/ cable select/ spare/ disable write cache/spare/spare and is it ok to just connect it to the extra ide connection without unplugging my current ide connected factory installed hard drive? if i just plug it into the extra ide connection on my ide cable what do i set jumper on the ibm hard drive to? do i have to enter my bios for anything or do i just go into the 'disk managment" area? thanks for any help on this issue. i am not gonna install it untill i understand what i am doing and if it is worth doing.

06-22-03, 09:48 PM
You currently have a nice big, fast drive. I dont think adding a small, slow drive is really worth it. But if you want to you can.
The jumper for the dell should be master or cable select.
If you just plug it into secondary ide on your mobo i think it will work with jumpers as they are.
You will have to enter the bios and and set secondary ide master to auto or user define. Auto should pick it up. Then just reboot.

I think thats all. Its not that hard to do.

Good luck

06-29-03, 05:03 PM
Yeah, its very easy. I did the same thing, I put my old computers Hard Drive into my current computer's slave bay. Just make sure that the old Hard Drives jumper is set to either Cable Select or Slave.

Rampant CL
07-01-03, 06:34 AM
This is the 3rd or 4th post about adding / swapping hard drives. Maybe there should be a sticky for upgrading / swapping disks.

07-01-03, 10:13 AM
Just so you know, sometimes programs like to recognize the drive letter of your cd/dvd-rom, and Windows likes to bump them back a letter and make your new HDD the D: drive. To get around this, you can do this:

Go to your control panel. You should be the computer admin I would imagine, so there will be an Administrative Tools icon. Click it. Then open computer management. In there, click disk management under the storage portion of the tree. Then, right click the new drive, and click "Change Drive Letter and Paths." Then you can do the same for the optical drives.

This might not be necessary for you, but I know I've had to do it before.