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08-14-09, 12:16 PM
NSS Labs, an independent security research group, found that Internet Explorer 8 was the best browser tested at thwarting phishing attempts. Firefox was statistically tied with IE for first with Opera and Chrome bringing up the rear. Safari was the real loser of the group with only 2% of phishing attempts blocked and there was no difference between the Mac or Windows client.

Phishing is a way in which a hacker lures an unsuspecting person into giving away their credentials or personal information by using a website that appears to be legitimate. This fraud has been growing over the past several years and novices are at risk more now than ever. The interesting statistic from the tests is that phishing sites have an average life of only 52 hours, making it extremely difficult to block or stop these sites.

The study used several thousands of malicious pages over the course of July and also timed how long it took for each browser to add the page to a black list. Internet Explorer took an average of just under five hours, with Firefox not far behind. Again Safari lagged behind taking over 54 hours to block a hazardous site.

NSS Labs has a full PDF file detailing the entire testing process and their results.


08-14-09, 09:49 PM
IE8 did NOT come out on top. The study says IE and FF3 TIED. Article header is misleading, as is thread title.

Microsoft funded the study. (read the bottom note)

They used Firefox 3.0.11, not 3.5.2.
I know it was unavailable at the time, but juss' sayin'

Opera 10 was used? in alpha/pre-beta stage?

If you read the article on your link, the comments picked apart the study.

08-14-09, 11:42 PM
IE is a good browser.

But Chrome is faster so that's why I use it.

and if you know what you're doing you really have nothing to worry about from phishing. only a bone head would fall for that stuff.

Mr Bigman
08-14-09, 11:44 PM
IE8 Is the best thing since slived bread.

I would even pay big money to have IE8 if it costed money.

I think MS should charge money to use their browser.

Even Firefox should have a fee.

What the **** am i on? Hell no IE blows chunks I will stay with yahoo browser not.

Serious , i don't have a care in the world about Phising or fishing.

08-14-09, 11:44 PM
easy on the roids bigman

Mr Bigman
08-14-09, 11:57 PM
I know I know terry.