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08-23-09, 09:38 AM
Well I need a 24" monitor to replace my current LG L246WP-BN 24" monitor which is a P-MVA. I've been doing some research on Dell 2408WFP here and there and what I've found are:

1. sharp, crispy colours
2. good warranty
3. VA panel

1. input lag
2. backlight bleeding
3. uneven backlight uniformity
4. pink tints on texts reported by some users

As far as the input lag is concerned it's supposed to have improved w/ the latest revision which is A02. I've also read some users reporting left side of the screen is brighter than the right side which is basically uneven backlight uniformity, so what are your thoughts on these cons?

My current LG monitor doesn't have any of the problems above and it is a very good display except that after about 2 years of ownership it's been developing image retention. So I've been prospecting a different brand this time around like Samsung or Dell. Dell seems like a good choice except those issues above. As far as input lag is concerned I don't know how much I can notice. Even w/ my current LG model I haven't noticed any lags whatsoever even in most intense, fast games like Crysis Wars or other racing games you can name of. The LG display seems to have one of the lowest input lag measures ~ 22ms whereas the newest revision of 2408WFP measures ~ 33ms. I honestly don't think I will be able to feel the 11ms difference, but if you're one of those sensitive users share your thoughts. What I'm more worried about are the backlight bleeding and uneven backlight uniformity reported very recently even in the newest revision model A02 in hardforum.com. If you own a Dell 2408WFP and would like to counter-argue you're welcome to do so.

08-23-09, 10:03 AM
My 2407WFP-HC is a thing of beauty. No input lag, very uniform background, great color.

08-23-09, 01:33 PM
My 2407WFP-HC is a thing of beauty. No input lag, very uniform background, great color.


I use a 2408 at the office, hard to tell the difference in the panels.