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06-23-03, 02:41 AM
Hello.. im back

I don't know much about scanners, and as I've searched for info and reviews on them, I'm still not sure which ones on the market right now are decent and which ones are crap.

So.. im looking for the best for the cheepest. I don't mind spending money on quality, but I don't have alot to spend =)

What do you all suggest? =) I"m looking to mainly scan pictures.

Thank you for your help!

-- jolt

06-23-03, 09:58 AM
I have a CanoScan LiDE20 that does a good work for the price I paid for it. The twain module is easy to use and efficient.

06-24-03, 09:55 PM
Microtek makes an excellent scanner, my father has been using a legal-sized SCSI one for years and he loves it. VERY sharp details, very customizable TWAIN, A+

I've had a UMAX usb scanner myself for a couple years, and I have no complaints about it.

Only scanner I hear is really crappy are those made by Visioneer and Acer

06-24-03, 09:58 PM
While I think they make lousy printers, Canon makes some excellent scanners that are reasonably priced. Stay away from Visioneer and HP. Not HP because the quality is bad, but because they are a pain in the arse to get working properly in the Windows NT environment.

The Baron
06-24-03, 10:13 PM

Got an excellent scanner from them, completely problem free. Old HP scanners were good (SCSI), but the new ones... bleh. Stay away.

06-25-03, 09:56 AM
When it comes to optical devices I trust CANON the most
My Scanner is a CANON D150U2F
My 35 mm is a CANON and so is my digital - G3.
I had a CANON printer that was DOA though....

06-25-03, 10:37 AM
Originally posted by The Baron

I haven't owned many scanners but this Epson I bought the other month is sweet. Does negatives too, and I like the way you can bung a couple of things on it and it auto crops and saves each item as its own file. Epson Perfection 1260 I think it's called.

06-26-03, 04:30 AM
aweomse.. thanks for the imput on this. I really had no idea about scanners, since I haven't had to use one since high school ( its been a few years since then )

Also.. any good place to buy these from online? ( assuming I can find a better price online )

thx again guys! =D

-- jolt

06-26-03, 04:55 AM
I bought mine @ COSTCO Price Club - it was a very good offer with a coupon rebate.
When it comes to on-line stores, try one of the price bots such as:
bizrate.com , epinions.com .

They will find u teh best price there is.

Also check out bestbuy.com and newegg.com

Good luck shopping....

i really really recommend the canon :)

06-30-03, 02:42 AM
oh okay... thanks.

.. and thenaks for the suggestion
eL_PuSHeR. They seem like a decent quality from what i've hurd thus far

take it easy

-- jolt