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08-25-09, 01:08 AM
The thing that I forgot for a new rig that I just built are speakers. I don't want to spend much, but I also know that if I don't spend enough that what I would end up with would sound like a couple of tin cans on a string.

I now have Creative SB560 5.1 speakers that I bought at WalMart in 2005 for only $50, but for the price, they sound exceptional...unfortunately, they are no longer available. Even when I only have 2.1 output, that still sound pretty good, so I'm thinking that I should be able to find a 2.1 system well priced. However, a very quick look at eBay didn't show anything like what I was expecting.

The only inexpensive speakers that I saw were labeled for laptops...is there really any difference? Does anyone know of a particular brand/model that would fit my bill?

08-25-09, 01:16 AM
Have you had a look at Logitechs range of 2.1 and 5.1 systems. They start as low as 20AUD-50AUD for the entry level 2.1 systems with sats and a sub. They sound really good for the price. Stepping up to a full 5.1 system will set you back around 150AUD (probably 50USD). These will do the job nicely. If you don't want to spend big and want good sound. Logitech are hard to beat and are available most places. Grocery stores over here sell them.

Check the Logitech site for RRPs, find one that you can just afford, then go out to the chain stores and look for deals, talk them down haggle.

Good luck.

My sister has a cheap 5.1 system around 8 years old, my gf has a cheap system around 3 years old, none cost more than 200AUD and sound pretty good. I have a set of 680z and 5500zs, these are around 500AUD, but in terms of PC/console sound, few can compete.

08-25-09, 01:35 AM
Yep, anything from Logitech is recommended.

There's a reason the Z-5500 has actually increased $100 in price over the past 3 years. Its a great system with a lot of features, and Logitech's products are top notch.

Even their cheaper stuff is good though. We bought a 2.1 set for my mom a couple years ago so she could listen to music on her PC and they sound fantastic. I don't know if they still make them but they were around $40 and came with two satellites with two small drivers in each, and a small sub woofer.

bob saget
08-25-09, 02:03 AM
Altec lansing boy here, have had 0 troubles with mine. Have had a ancient 5.1 setup sounds fine for music, and a real cheap 2.1 one for my 7 year old brother's ipod.

08-25-09, 11:39 AM

We can negotiate a price if you're interested, they're 2.0. The bass isn't ground breaking, but they're good to listen to music on.

08-25-09, 07:53 PM
z-5500 :D I love mine!

08-25-09, 08:04 PM
There are probably better speakers, but I bought the ones from a12ctic.