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Mr Bigman
08-26-09, 05:52 PM
Well lets see, ive been building computers for almost 25 years and i had some good moments building them but my favorite of most of them was a voodoo2 sli rig with banshee 16 agp with p2 450 256 ram sblive with the prudie parrot apps and cool stuff that came with the sblive an Aopen case 250 w ps and 2 6gb drives.

Why cuz it was so new at the time and was like no other experience.

Why not today is cuz its the same thing over and over no new territory to cover but just specs and things are about the same over the last few years with SLI and dual core to quad core to 2 quadcore.

It wasn't by far the best system but it was my favorite to build and had 98se with plus pack and even had desktop tweaking too with aston or enlife i think that was not sure.

I got the case for 70 bucks at a local ma and pa and loved how the front panal loooked but no side panal but who cares at the time this was late 1998 around November just before SE came out so no i had 98 FE but made the move real quick.

Used the 440BX from ASUS with 1 128 and 2 64 mb sticks cuz those things were very high priced at the time.

What was your favorite system you ever built and what was so special about it over others?

Sticky this too please.

bob saget
08-26-09, 10:59 PM
Current computer, my only build ever :)

08-26-09, 11:01 PM
My first rig. Best just because it was my first I built with the help of folks here on nVNews. :)

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0Ghz
XFX 7300GS --> Changed within a week --> Evga 7600GT KO

Mr Bigman
08-27-09, 08:01 PM
Very common system their Bear.

I built a few of those and than used the 32 version of that board and still used the 3200 which was smokin fast att around 2004

08-27-09, 08:18 PM
I loved my old Celeron 300A that I overclocked to 450. I have to say though I love my current setup just as much.

trivium nate
08-27-09, 08:58 PM
my rig in my signature is my favorite build :)

08-27-09, 09:16 PM
I'd say my PIII was my favourite build... it was built with an Abit board that still utilized the Slot setup that Intel used for their CPUs for a bit, but I had an adaptor in there to allow me to put a 700Mhz PIII inside which I managed to OC to 1Ghz. That system lasted a long time through me, and then my wife, and I think my sister may actually still be using it.

My next favourite was the one that replaced it... it was an Athlon XP 1800+ that I OC'd with an EPoX board and an ATi 9800 Pro.

08-27-09, 09:29 PM
Probably my Asus CUBX based build.

That system went through a variety of cpu's.

Celeron 466 @ 583 (83mhz agp, 41.5mhz pci at this speed! lol), P3 500 @ 667, p3 750 @ 930, Tualatin Celeron 1.2 @ 1488 and finally a Tualatin Celeron 1.3 @ 1612.

Modding that board to work with the FC-PGA2 chips was a really fun project. I also volt modded the vid card in it to overclock it by a consideradble margin and built an sli cable for the voodoo 2's. Good times, great memories.

In fact I still have that system up and running to play old games in dos and 98se.

Full specs:
Intel Tualatin Celeron 1.3 @ 1612mhz
768mb pc133 sd-ram
Kyro 2 64mb AGP volt modded
2 x Voodoo 2 8mb SLI
2 x Western Digital 1200JB
Aopen Full Tower Case
Creative SB AWE 64 Gold
3Com 10/100 pci nic
LG 16x CD-RW

08-27-09, 09:30 PM
I had a p3-866 which I was able to run at a screaming 1ghz.I played RTCW on it using a banshee 16mb video card.That rig pwned:P

08-27-09, 09:37 PM
I think my Athlon XP 1700+ Thoroughbred-B (1.46Ghz) overclocked to 2.09Ghz on an Abit NF7-S 2.0 Nforce 2 Ultra 400 board was my favorite rig ever. Its still running to this day. It currently has 1Gb of DDR-400, a Thermalright SK-7 Copper heatsink and a Tyan Radeon 9600 Pro with a 500W Antec PSU. The only thing on it that stopped working was the onboard sound, which was replaced with a Turtlebeach SantaCruz. Which is too bad. The Soundstorm\Realtek audio on those boards was awesome at the time.

I used the machine for a couple years and then used it as my bench machine at a PC repair shop (where I often left it running for an entire week, downloading things at night and doing virus scans during the day), and after I left there I gave it to my sister and she's been using it every day for several years now. The thing has probably been actively running for at least half of the past 6 years... with a 40% overclock. And the CPU only cost me $50 back in 2003. :eek:

I really like my current rig though. The CPU really chews up most things I throw at it. Its one of the more expensive systems I've used though. I spent an ass load of money on this one compared to most... though the value went down significantly when I replaced my $650 8800GTX with a $200 GTX 260. :lol:

08-28-09, 05:01 AM
I had been tinkering with and upgrading my store bought PCs since about 1995....Then(sry I don't remember the year) Unreal was announced....with its support for 1024x768 res via a dual VooDooII setup :D
I decided to go for it and built a rig from the ground up for this game...On man what an awesome time I had putting this thing together and scrapping funds(I never spent so much on a PC before)best of all, the system ran great and Unreal blew me away on it.....I was hooked ;)
Anyway, the specs of the machine were something like:
PentiumII 350mhz w/some big HSF OC'd to 400+
Abit mobo
256mb SDram
Riva 2d/3d
dual VooDooII 12mb cards
Sound Blaster
19" ADC monitor
The HD, PSU and case slip my mind....

Good times....

08-28-09, 12:23 PM
I was probably get fragged for this, but my nForce2 Ultra 400 system powered by a.....GeforceFX 5800 Ultra.

Yup, I still have it. Preordered it the day it arrived on Best Buy's website. It was my first high end video card and it worked phenomenally in all the games I played. I later upgraded to a 5900 Ultra, but that dustbuster still holds a very special place in my heart!

AthlonXP 3000+ oc'd to 3200+ speeds
nVidia GeforceFX 5800 Ultra
Abit NF7-S 2.0 nForce2 Ultra 400
1Gb (2 x 512Mb) GEIL DDR 400Mhz
nForce Soundstorm
2 x WD 36Gb 10,000RPM Raptors in Raid0

08-31-09, 10:32 AM
I had a P3 600mhz with 512mb PC133 in a Soyo motherboard. We slapped an ECS Nvidia card 64mb AGP in it, I can't remember the model. Wolfenstein would drop fps, so I had to overclock the card to get it at 30+ constant. Ahh, the good old days. Anyone remember Shogo Mobile Armor Division?

08-31-09, 11:44 AM
My third build and first P4.

It had an asus socket 423, P4 1.5ghz, 1gb RAM, creative SB Live!, and a 128mb vid card that made Baldure's Gate rumble! lmao

08-31-09, 02:27 PM
My current rig. Love it.

08-31-09, 06:01 PM
If Seeker puts his computer in the oven like Candle suggested then it will become my new favorite rig of all time.

09-01-09, 09:50 AM
my current rig built by cyberpower. No stress plug it in and whooo it works.