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well till now i have understood that that bandwidth is the difference between the upper and lower frequencies. now the confusion is here. for e.g if it is said for radio signal broadcasting that the frequency range allotted is 9 khz-21khz. so the bandwidth here is 12 khz. but if it is said that a channel has a bandwidth of 12 khz. so that means the channel is capable of transferring signals in the range of 1khz-12khz. so actually what does it mean when it is said that a channel has this amount of bandwidth. more over regrading the first case (radio signal broadcasting), what shall be said in terms of technicality. i mean it has a allotted bandwidth of how much? can someone clear my confusion? or in other words is bandwidth the result of the difference of the two frequencies or the maximum frequency of a signal that can be transferred????

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