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06-23-03, 09:54 PM
okay i have a nvidia geforce 4 ti4400. why wont my desktop show up on my tv? everything seems to be connected. do i need to download anything to connect my pc to my tv? can someone please help me i have no clue on how to do this?ive been trying to figure this out for many days now. i thought it my svideo cable was broken so i wasted some money and went out to buy a new one. please reply

06-23-03, 11:02 PM
Look in this thread:

See if this helps you ;)

06-23-03, 11:14 PM
In case you still can't get it to work, click here (http://support.gateway.com/support/manlib/Desktops/Updates/8507474/07474.htm) to see a sample setup. ;)

I hope this helps :D

06-24-03, 12:48 AM
okay so i go to my display properties
click the settings tab
then click the advanced button
click my video card tab which is a nivida geforce 4 ti4400
click device selection
select tv as my output device
and press apply

after this step isnt my moniter supposed to switch to my tv?

but now its telling me that....my rundll32.exe has errored and everything closes on me... so what can i do to fix this problem? any suggestions?

06-24-03, 12:49 AM
oh yeah thanks boobie that really helped me alot

06-24-03, 12:51 AM
Originally posted by disber0n
oh yeah thanks boobie that really helped me alot

no problem ;)

Hope everything works; enjoy:D