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06-24-03, 12:22 AM

First "decent" Personal Cinema product that actually isn't an embarassment, unlike the previous GF2 MX and GF4 MX Personal Cinemas we've all seen. :o

The comment above mostly relates to the Pixel Shader capabilities, which neither MX has.

Anyone else has seen Personal Cinema products from other companies that use FX GPUs?

06-24-03, 01:29 AM
does personal cinema come with any of the other FX cards ?

I want to see the visual quality presented with the cards if it is possible... recording et al :)

am considering building a micro ATX sys... will see what all I need and if this is a ncie cheap solution.. I might go for it..

06-24-03, 04:30 PM
Nope not as of yet but give it some time.

06-24-03, 05:23 PM
I hear a rumor that there was a PAL version of the 5900 Ultra for Europe, but nothing for NTSC. :( An NTSC Personal Cinema with a 256MB 5900 Ultra GPU would be tempting to me, even at the obscene price it would command.

06-26-03, 08:55 PM
Originally posted by Sazar
does personal cinema come with any of the other FX cards ?...

well, here is something similar



08-11-03, 05:14 AM
I have one of these, but it seems that the TV-OUT feature does not support "overscan".

In fact, what it supports is more like "underscan". There is a 2cm black border around the TV-OUT picture.

This is not what I expected from a personal cinema. Black borders on top and bottom seem to be normal today, but now they also appear on the sides.

I have tested this only in Linux. Does this problem appear under Windows as well?

10-26-03, 04:58 AM
Recently got one as well, FX5200 with passive cooling and added features.

Luckily TV compensates the lack of overscan, this with Philips 8xxx series 32" 100Hz wide (pal, european).
Now if something new, a native 16:9 support for TV out would be nice.

10-26-03, 08:08 AM
Originally posted by Sazar
does personal cinema come with any of the other FX cards ?


10-26-03, 09:47 AM
ta for the info lads... will look it up... :)

10-27-03, 10:11 AM
Leadtek has Personal Cninema built on a FX5600.