View Full Version : Torchlight coming Oct 27th - $19.99

09-05-09, 08:25 AM

Pretty awesome news, Diablo like action RPG is coming late October via download for only 20 bones! This game has got "Blizzard North co-founders Max and Erich Schaefer, Fate creator Travis Baldree, and Diablo series composer Matt Uelmen"

Packet full of awesome? It looks similar to Mythos which I had the chance to play before flagship closed (was fun) It also leads up to a MMO, but who cares about MMOs amirite?




09-08-09, 03:00 AM
I knew you guys would love it


09-08-09, 03:09 AM
Diablo like games are... I don't know the word... boring. Yeah.

09-08-09, 04:47 AM
Now, we just need Diablo atmosphere and excellent story.

09-08-09, 04:57 AM
Yeah, that's what made Diablo awesome despite the mundane clicky-clicky gameplay... the story, music and atmosphere. I haven't played a game of that style I really enjoyed since... I own Titan Quest, I recently bought Sacred 2 when it hit $20... both of those bored me in minutes.

09-08-09, 05:35 AM
well the guy that did the Diablo music (Matt Uelmen) is doing the music for Torchlight. :nana:

09-08-09, 08:44 AM
Apart from it being a blatant ripoff of DIII in the art department (and well any other department that I can think of for that matter), I'm definately looking forward to Torchlight.