View Full Version : AP to router to server problem

09-10-09, 02:33 PM
hi everyone

i've recently set up a wireles network in the complex i live in. the ap's are zyxell g-570s and the router is an asus wl-520g. the layout is as follows: 4 ap's. 2 of them plug into a switch then the switch plugs into the router. the other 2 plug diretly to the router. the router then plugs into the server. and through a proxy server to the internet. i've made i diagram if you'd like to see it, i don't know how to put in this msg. the lengths of cable plugging into the router are approx 85m; 65m; 55m.

now the problem i'm having is that only one ap is communicating with the router, it seems. just the one is getting a gateway and assigning ip adresses. none of the other ap's are getting the gateway assigned to them and they arent assigning ip adresses from the dhcp server.
and so users are getting limited connectivity with a locally assigned ip adress or can't connect at all.
the ap's are set to aquire ip automatically.
users' mac adresses are mannually assined an ip from the dhcp server on the router, this is manage user accounts on the proxy server.

please, i'm in way over my head and i really need and would appreciate help with this.