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06-25-03, 01:49 PM
Hi. Can any of you recommend an easy to install, but very effective amd XP heatsink? (for amd XP3000)

I have read here that the coolermaster is easy to install...I am looking at the coolermaster aero 7+...any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The Baron
06-25-03, 02:06 PM
Define "easy to install" and "very effective."

And also, what motherboard are you using? Some have mounting issues with some heatsinks.

Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with Thermalright if you pair a good fan with it. Some are clip-based (might be easier to get on, not as stable though) and some are screw based.

Looking back on my experience with the SLK900U installation and the problems I had, they were all easily rectifiable. First off, it's a lot easier if you have two people to do the first part of the install (mounting the backplate). For that, first get the screw in one corner in, than move diagonally and put that screw in. Also, make sure you don't put the standof in by the CPU lever until the CPU is in! If you keep that in mind, it's probably gravy.

But yeah, I think Aero 7+ is just a "normal" HSF (clip based, not too heavy, easy to get on). Wouldn't be a bad choice.

06-25-03, 02:25 PM
I am building 2 systems (with my friend), but the system I think that the coolermaster aero 7+ is being considered for will have an ABIT nf7-s motherboard.

What I mean my "easy to install" is I just don't want to deal with the hassle of a difficult to install heatsink, if I can get really good performance from a simple to install heatsink. If there was a huge amount of performance difference between a difficult to install sink and an easy to install sink, then I'd choose the difficult/high performance option.

What I mean by 'very effective' is I want to bump my fsb up to 400, and I want it to be within a couple degrees of the best air cooling available.

Any known issues with this heatsink and the abit nf7-s?

06-25-03, 02:36 PM
Coolermaster HSF are easy to install ..not the ones that come with boxed AMD CPUs. Coolermaster have huge thumb-press/clip thingy that makes installing easy however, as Baron said, the big thumb-press/clip thing might be a problem with some mobos. here are a frew coolermaster reviews




I have the Xdream, not the all copper XdreamSE, and its works great with my 2800+, its running at 2.2ghz and temperature is about the same as my old Athlon2100+@1.8ghz. So the all copper XDreamSE should run even cooler! Plus, if noise is factor, the Xdream has a 80mm fan attached to a rhestat so u can controll RPMs and this noise, mine runs ok at 3500rpm and is quiet too.
I also had the HHC-001 ..and while it cooled the cpu etc, was too noisy due to the 60 mm 6800RPM fan that came with it.

BUT, both HSF were easy to install due to the large thumb-press/clip.
Much easier than the old Volcano 2 i had to install on my old thunderbird.

Hope it helps lil


06-25-03, 02:44 PM
your advice is appreciated. I'll consider what you ahve said when I look at prices and reviews on the web.

06-25-03, 02:47 PM
I usually shop and Newegg....they don't have that model...?

06-25-03, 03:28 PM
Maybe do a search on pricewatch.com

I also have the XDream and its very good and very cheap, also very big and very loud with fan on max, but does a good job on low also. The Aero is also another good HSF, the XDreamSE (all cooper) might not be avalible, as they withdrew them due to a problem with the fan dying very quickly.