View Full Version : Asus V9560 /TD

06-25-03, 05:00 PM
anyone has this card? or any info about it? I have yet to see a review on this card online.
I have a 9500 non pro 64mb and was pondering swapping for a FX5600, mostly because of DVC and VIVO (there are no VIVO ATI cards for sale in Portugal). I had a look at some reviews of the MSI VTDR and it sucks, even the VIVO sucks, but most importantly the card cant even hold it's own agaisnt my 9500.
So, any info on the asus card would be great! :afro2:

Dark Jedi
06-25-03, 05:20 PM
Managed to find a few reviews of the card for you... hope these help :D



06-25-03, 09:50 PM
Thanks for the help! too bad they didn't exactly test the VIVO feature....so essencially the card blows...:(