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06-25-03, 09:20 PM
While changing my PNY Ti4400's fan and heatsink with a Thermatake kit I noticed that my GPU had TI4600 stamped on top.

Have any of you came across this before? Is it really a 4600 clocked down?


06-25-03, 09:49 PM
Would you happen to be selling this card on [h]ardforums? Cuz a guy selling his on there noticed the same thing...

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06-25-03, 10:05 PM
No, I am not selling it. Ill just pass it down to my kids system when I buy an FX board.

Just wondering if I can get some more power out of it.

06-25-03, 10:39 PM
Originally posted by CheeseBurger
No, I am not selling it. Ill just pass it down to my kids system when I buy an FX board.

Just wondering if I can get some more power out of it.

Just grab Riva Tuner and find out! Overclock it and see what you can get!

The default clocks for the 4600 are 300core and 650(325DDR)RAM. Although the CORE is probably the only 4600 part, so be carefull with the RAM speed.

Actually, install the drivers and see what it says you are using. It might actually install as a 4600 if it has the same core.

06-25-03, 10:53 PM
All GeForce4 Titanium AGP4x come from the same design: NV25.
All GeForce4 Titanium AGP8x come from the same design: NV28.

Ti4600 = bin 1 = Top ~10% yield
Ti4400 = bin 2 = Next ~30% (?) yield
Ti4200 = bin 3 = all the rest

Ti4800 = AGP8x bin 1
Ti4800SE = AGP8x bin 2

Some time after package marking, someone, somewhere dropped your GPU from a Ti4600 profit margin to a lower Ti4400 profit margin out of fear of failure. What you have is probably a chip that passed original testing, but failed QA at a later validation, perhaps even after it was soldered on the board.

Go for the overclock. OC to 300/600, especially if you upgrade the GPU cooling. You should get near Ti4600 speeds, but stability depends on how severe the problem is.

06-25-03, 11:35 PM
Thanks for the info I will try to overclock it. If I burn it out it will give me an excuse to buy an FX.

Ninja Prime
06-26-03, 12:49 AM
I've got a Leadtek Ti4400 clocked at 300 core, 660 mem and I've had it that way for ~6 months without any problems. However, I have the TD version, which I think has better memory on it, so I'm not sure PNY can reach that mem speed safely. There was an acticle on Tom's Hardware about GF4 Ti's a while ago, and it showed the max clocks they could get out of various boards..... It might be right HERE. (http://www6.tomshardware.com/graphic/20020522/index.html)

06-26-03, 06:29 PM
All the 4600,4400,4200 are based on the same chip,it just that the 4600 uses 2.8 ns ram and the other useally use slower ram.

Ninja Prime
06-26-03, 11:23 PM
As I recall, Leadtek's TD version of the Ti4400 comes with 3ns RAM, and other Ti4400's only use 3.2ns or 3.3ns.