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06-25-03, 09:47 PM
I'm really having a hard time deciding here. The best price I've found for the MSI is $230. The best price for Asus is $162.

It would be nice to spend under $200 for a GF4, that'd be pretty friggin sweet. I've seen comparisons between the two and they're VERY close but MSI is just a tad faster, just a few marks in 3dmark.

It would also be nice to get all of the goodies that MSI gives you in their products though. You get games like Morrowind and Duke Nukem and like a million others plus more utilities.

Now those advantages for each kinda cancel themselves out in my mind, so I think that my decision will be made on you guys. I really don't know that much about reliability between the two, so maybe you could clue me in with that as well.


06-26-03, 01:27 AM
I didnt like the original Asus GF4 reference-looking TI4600 with no ramsinks and that cheezy fishface fan thing on GPU. But as soon as the Ultra Deluxe came out with the copperfin core/RAM cooler, I bought it. Its run stable at 325/725 for about a year now. Ive been totally happy with it, although I'll probably get a 5900 Ultra in Nov/Dec.

Never owned an MSI card, so cant really comment there; but since I liked my Asus GF3, GF3 TI500, & GF4 TI4600 Ultra Deluxe, I voted Asus.

06-26-03, 01:38 AM
I really adore the way MSI's cards look, with red PCB and copper fans. They also have fun software & include OC in the MSI display properties, so you know they don't quibble about OC if a card fails under warranty. And yes, I'm vain enough to pay a $40+ premium for these things.

However, ASUS is just as good a board maker, quality-wise IMHO. Asus makes intelligent and attractive design changes to the reference design.

eVGA is a solid alternative, but sticks pretty close to NVIDIA's reference designs, except for their custom ACS fans.

FWIW With my money I've bought a MSI GF4 Ti4200, an ASUS GF FX 5800, and eVGA GF2 MX400 + GF4 MX440, and a PNY GF FX 5800 Ultra.

06-26-03, 07:40 AM
One of my friends has an MSI TI4600 and he's very happy with it. Overclocks plenty, runs nice and smooth, overall A+

I bought Gainward TI4400 because I heard they use high quality components so I figured it would be the best. I have no complaints to this date, only that my card does not overclock as well as his MSI. But otherwise the Gainward runs like a champ and I'm happy so A-.

If I may make a small suggestion: why not buy a TI4800 (really a TI4400) instead and try overclocking it to TI4600 levels. You'll save a lot of money that way.

I donot recommend the Albatron TI4600 only because I've read some specs suggesting while they do use a TI4600 GPU, their memory is clock much slower. But I could be wrong about this.

06-26-03, 09:15 AM
I'm not really one to OC, and I need this card to hold me over for a WHILE. I'm entering my senior year in high school, and then I think I'm gonna go to Purdue for a major in Computer Graphics Technology. Well since Purdue is such an expensive place, I'm not gonna have alot of extra cash, so I want a reliable card that is going to hold me over through most of college(dare I say).

If I bought a Ti4400 and OC'd it to 4600 speeds, that would put stress on the card and slowly chip away the cards lifetime.

Ahh damnit. I just looked closer at that Asus card. Its OEM and its only AGP4x. AGP4x and 8x shouldn't really matter unless you get into higher resolutions though, right?

Or am I going the wrong route, and should consider a Geforce FX5600 Ultra? What about that?

06-26-03, 11:41 AM
AGP8x on matters at higher resolutions. However your looking at a computer graphics degree and therefore high res may be a way of life for you. I doubt it would make much a difference, but you might as well play safe than sorry and get the AGP8x due to your interest.

TI4600 although a GREAT card, is quickly becoming an old card. It can play all the latest games right now, but possibly not a year from now and thensome. If you don't plan to upgrade for 4 entire years (thats a lot in PC terms) then you ebtter get the BEST video card available now. I'm not sure what you can afford, but I'd recommend the GFFX5900Ultra 256DDR for you. Yes I know that's a lot, but again your asking for a lot. And although 256 is an overkill right now that only 1 or 2 games can use, who knows what will be in 4 years.

The alternative is the R9800Pro 256DDR

06-26-03, 03:15 PM
Well you can get a Geforce FX 5600 with 256 DDR too...

06-26-03, 08:46 PM
Originally posted by Voltaire
Well you can get a Geforce FX 5600 with 256 DDR too...

true... but the TI4600 is far more powerful than a GFFX5600 256DDR... remember they only offer the 256 in the non-ultra version, which is about on par with a TI4200 :rolleyes: