View Full Version : nforce 2 BIOS beep codes?

06-26-03, 10:21 AM
Okay, this one has gone from an occasional issue to darned near constant. I'm running a K7N2-L motherboard that recently decided that when trying to boot up it will not power up the video, instead coming back with a BIOS tone that goes from high to low repeatedly like a siren. This happens in about 60% of the bootups. There's also an issue where it only sees my Maxtor 30 gig 7200 Primary Master part of the time, but I'll troubleshoot that one later.

Anyone have any info on this beep? I'm not finding anything in the documentation.

06-26-03, 01:49 PM
Sounds like the "abulance" issue. The BIOS isn't detecting any presence of a CPU cooler and sounding alarms. This can also happen if your HSF spins up too slowly and the BIOS sounds the alarm thinking there's no HSF present. Have you tried holding INSERT and then powering the computer up? This may override the alarm, allowing the machine to POST so you can enter the BIOS. Another method is to quickly hit RESET when you hear the alarm - since your HSF is spinning at a decent clip by this point, a RESET forces the PC to re-POST and it'll probably won't sound the alarm.

My buddy uses liquid cooling on his Soyo Dragon and everytime he flashes the BIOS, he has to hold down INSERT for his rig to POST. From there, he can enter the BIOS and disable the automatic fan controll so his rig will ignore the HSF. Since the Soyo Dragon and most nForce2 boards use an Award/Phoenix BIOS, the INSERT method might just put you back in business here.

06-27-03, 09:42 AM
Here you go http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm#08