View Full Version : Its over...UK Gamer 5900 roundup review

06-26-03, 05:53 PM
looks to me like Ati is the clear winner even with the year old 9700 pro.


Ati-often faster, or at least almost equal
Ati-better AA is a visible difference, reviewer points out NV's "superior" af is not visible
Ati-better drivers! (according to the review, NV had a couple of problems)
Ati-9700pro WAY cheaper, like 100 USD!
Ati-doesn't cheat (nearly as much, ho-ho)
Ati-benchmarks performed at 4Xaa, Ati's still winning even when NV isn't really doing 4Xaa, reviewer points out also that Ati 6Xaa is better than NV 8Xaa.

OK, so this is a "heard it before" thread post, the review however does try to be quite objective and is worth checking out. Uses a XP 3200 and NF2 MB.


06-26-03, 07:28 PM
I have been saying this for a while now, the 5900Ultra, after all cheats/optimizations are stripped is only on par or worse than a 9700pro, except the 9700pro has better AA. It's better than the 5800, but still a ways from taking the crown.

06-26-03, 08:15 PM
The best post I've seen came from DemoCoder at B3d>

"Even if the NV3x had great yields on .13, it wouldn't change the fact that the architecture has problems.

The real "gamble" NVidia made was their multi-precision architecture, support for old register combiner stuff, and stencil acceleration, while not really doing anything to their rasterization and AA. Nvidia bet that the multiprecision design would yield real benefits, but their implementation is too constrained.

I think the problem with the NV30 is that, prior to what I said along time ago, it is not a completely new architecture, but an evolution of the NV2x. ATI had a totally new team work on the R300, so they threw out alot of the legacy stuff that didn't work on the R200 and gambled a clean new simple implementation would be better (e.g. booted the integer pipelines)

Nvidia's design is overly complex, and they didn't get it right this generation. Reminds me of AMD's early attempts on the k5/k6. Perhaps they will get it right with the NV40 and the architecture will start to get legs. "